Recommendations is a special page for my visitors


The reason I made this page is that my sidebar was getting too full. My better half is very good at making home-made widgets, which are really pretty, so I did not want to lose them. That is why I made this page of my recommendations.

Some widgets are from the companies themselves and others are made by Michael. Most of these widgets will have an Affiliate link. In case you decide to go shopping there is no added cost for you.


Medicines from the Amazon:  Sacred Science.

We look at the potential of natural medicines for the treatment of a number of our 21st-century ailments. This is an unfiltered evaluation of medicines taken directly from the source, deep in the Amazon.



The 5G summit

Were you able to follow the summit at the end of August 2019? It was an eye-opener on many levels. Health-wise, more and more cases of EMF damage are being published and informing people worldwide. People are suffering from this modern technology and sooner or later the whole human race will have ailments of a different character.

The fact is that this technology is being forced upon us, by greedy companies only interested in their profits. There are no studies documenting that 5G technology is harmless. Contrarily, many studies exist which show that the previous generation of 3G and then 4G had adverse effects and many working in the field know 5G will be more harmful to humans and animals.

Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes aspect of losing your privacy and allowing this data to be read and utilized by nefarious organizations without your consent. You are allowing this data transfer by your inactivity.


5G Technology will change your life in ways you do not expect.

Something good for your brain

Your brain is an amazing organ. It can create new neuron pathways and it is possible to reprogram your brain. Have a look at the Raikov Effect, it will surprise you.



Something very important for your health

Each year there is a special summit, the one of Oceans Robbins. You will learn a lot about how to eat the right foods for maintaining your health.  Nowadays we eat too much fast food and have disconnected from nature and the disastrous effects are visible. This is a summit you should not miss.


The 8th Annual Food Revolution Summit, April 27 - May 5


I hope you have found something of interest on my recommendations page. Thank you for your visit.

Regards, Taetske

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