Recommendations is a special page for my visitors


The reason I made this page is that my sidebar was getting too full. My better half is very good at making home-made widgets, which are really pretty, so I did not want to lose them. That is why I made this page of my recommendations.

Some widgets are from the companies themselves and others are made by Michael. Most of these widgets will have an Affiliate link. In case you decide to go shopping there is no added cost for you.


Books for the world traveler

These two books are a must-have for those people who are curious to discover the wonders of Mother Earth. You might not be able to visit all the mentioned places personally, but through the book, you will get a glimpse and marvel at all the beautiful places on our planet.


Destinations of a Lifetime



A good travel agency

Viator is a very special travel company.  Do you want to visit different lands like Machu Picchu, or how about visiting some of the Game of Thrones filming locations? Viator has many wonderful places for you to discover.


It's time to cross the Great Barrier Reef off your bucket list. Learn More!


Do you love diamonds?

Well, actually that is a silly question as most people do. Women like diamonds as they sparkle so nicely and men might want to buy them for their loved ones. Here is a nice company where you can go browsing to find the perfect gift.


Yes i do..


Medicines from the Amazon:  Sacred Science.

We look at the potential of natural medicines for the treatment of a number of our 21st-century ailments. This is an unfiltered evaluation of medicines taken directly from the source, deep in the Amazon.



Healing Stones

Energy Muse is a company that specializes in healing stone jewelry. Many famous people wear their jewelry. Have a look as you might find something which fits your needs.



Companies that offer protection

There are various things you can do to reduce the harmful radiation emitted by your cell phone and computer. Have a look at what this company has on offer. Another helpful thing is to install a Himalayan Salt lamp in your working space.


DefenderShield EMF Protection



Dr. Sears is a world-known anti-aging doctor with a clinic in Florida. He travels worldwide visiting faraway places to discover health-giving protocols. He befriends tribes, where he learns about all nature has to offer for health and beauty.



A super keyword tool

Those of you who have a website know how important it is to choose the right keyword for your article. Jaaxy is the best and if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy is included.



Having a website

Well, here you can see me with my little laptop in my workroom. On the screen, you can see my profile on Wealthy Affiliate. I started with 2 websites in January 2017 and at that time I had no idea about what it really means to have a website.

Now I know it is work but being your own boss you can organize your timetable. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I have come this far and now know without them I would have been lost.

Here you will find everything needed under 1 roof. I really think this is the best place to be.




I hope you have found something of interest on my recommendations page. Thank you for your visit.

Regards, Taetske

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