Recommendations is a special page for my visitors


The reason I made this page is that my sidebar was getting too full. My better half is very good at making homemade widgets, which are really pretty, so I did not want to lose them. That is why I made this page of my recommendations.

Some widgets are from the companies themselves and others are made by Michael. Most of these widgets will have an Affiliate link. In case you decide to go shopping there is no added cost for you.


Books for the world traveler

These two books are a must-have for those people who are curious to discover the wonders of Mother Earth. You might not be able to visit all the mentioned places personally, but through the book, you will get a glimpse and marvel at all the beautiful places on our planet.


Destinations of a Lifetime


Planning a trip to Mexico?

GRUPO XCARET is something you might want to include when you visit Mexico with your family. It offers fun and excitement to suit all tastes, do take a look.



Helping the planet and people

I came across bUnited at the beginning of July 2019. My good friend Linda from Canada told me about it. I live in the south of Spain and this is proof the internet is a big help in spreading news quickly.

For both my websites, I write about situations in our world that affect us all, be it health-wise or having to do with the environment we live in. We have to do something urgently.

This company, “bUnited” gives us the possibility to unite our voices worldwide. Only through the buying power of consumers will industries understand. Changes are possible.

It was looking so promising. Every day new people joined. There were over 1.500.000 members worldwide. Because of COVID-19, they had to stop. Hopefully, in the future, they will start again. They were doing wonderful work.


Do you love diamonds?

Well, actually that is a silly question, as most people do. Women like diamonds as they sparkle so nicely and men might want to buy them for their loved ones. Here is a lovely company where you can go browsing to find the perfect gift.


Yes i do..


Precious stones

I have always loved stones. I have quite a collection myself. Here you will find a company that specializes in lovely stones which are used for jewelry or items like the pretty bowl in the photo.



Exquisite Crystals .com

Medicines from the Amazon:  Sacred Science.

We look at the potential of natural medicines for the treatment of a number of our 21st-century ailments. This is an unfiltered evaluation of medicines taken directly from the source, deep in the Amazon.



Healing Stones

Energy Muse is a company that specializes in healing stone jewelry. Many famous people wear their jewelry. Have a look as you might find something which fits your needs.



The 5G summit

Were you able to follow the summit at the end of August 2019? It was an eye-opener on many levels. Health-wise, more and more cases of EMF damage are being published and informing people worldwide. People are suffering from this modern technology and sooner or later the whole human race will have ailments of a different character.

The fact is that this technology is being forced upon us by greedy companies only interested in their profits. There are no studies documenting that 5G technology is harmless. Contrarily, many studies exist which show that the previous generation of 3G and then 4G had adverse effects and many working in the field know 5G will be more harmful to humans and animals.

Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes aspect of losing your privacy and allowing this data to be read and utilized by nefarious organizations without your consent. You are allowing this data transfer by your inactivity.

I have written various posts on 5G. You might like to read the one on the ozone.


5G Technology will change your life in ways you do not expect.


Companies that offer protection

There are various things you can do to reduce the harmful radiation emitted by your cell phone and computer. Have a look at what this company has on offer. Another helpful thing is to install a Himalayan Salt lamp in your working space.



Join this worldwide movement and help stop 5G

Have you heard about the 5G Space Appeal? If not, please read about what they are doing. It is of utmost importance for fauna, flora, and humanity. A global threat with global control, what are we doing?




Dr. Sears is a world-known anti-aging doctor with a clinic in Florida. He travels worldwide visiting faraway places to discover health-giving protocols. He befriends tribes, where he learns about all nature has to offer for health and beauty.



Good for your health

Here you will find some excellent products for your health. Some are a bit unusual, like Oceans Alive, made of algae and containing a huge variety of vitamins and minerals. Have a look at their catalog and you may find something you have been looking for.



Something good for your brain

Your brain is an amazing organ. It can create new neuron pathways and it is possible to reprogram your brain. Have a look at the Raikov Effect, it will surprise you.



A super keyword tool

Those of you who have a website know how important it is to choose the right keyword for your article. Jaaxy is the best and if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy is included.



Having a website

Well, here you can see me with my little laptop in my workroom. On the screen, you can see my profile on Wealthy Affiliate. I started with 2 websites in January 2017 and at that time I had no idea about what it really means to have a website.

Now I know it is work, but being your own boss, you can organize your timetable. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I have come this far and now know without them I would have been lost.

Here you will find everything needed under 1 roof. I really think this is the best place to be.



Something very important for your health

Each year there is a special summit, the one of Oceans Robbins. You will learn a lot about how to eat the right foods for maintaining your health. Nowadays we eat too much fast food and have disconnected from nature and the disastrous effects are visible. This is a summit you should not miss.


9th Annual Food Revolution Summit


I hope you have found something of interest on my recommendations page. Thank you for your visit.

Regards, Taetske



Eventually, not a bad widget, there’s so much here and I believe that this recommendation are the best. I should try that company that sells precious stones and the doctor that offers anti aging services too. I like that you can bring in all this recommendation together in one place. I’d share this post as I can see that there are some top notch services that I make use of myself. Nice post!

Sep 10.2019 | 03:25 pm


    Good afternoon Henderson,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I was kind of forced to make this page as my sidebar was getting too full. I was warned it would slow down the speed and that is something all website owners are afraid of. If your site loads too slow you might lose the visitor.

    I think to make a page with Recommendations is a good alternative. I kept 4 widgets on my sidebar, the ones I think are the most important ones.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Sep 11.2019 | 02:48 pm

Russ Green

What a very interesting and varied page, i really did enjoy reading it, in fact I always find your posts interesting, I really do love the look of the book Destinations of a lifetime, I am very tempted to buy it actually, I have read the revue on your Amazon affiliate link and it does seem like it is a very interesting read, thank you for sharing, I bookmarked your site last time I visited it and I will be coming back, take care.

Sep 10.2019 | 03:27 pm


    Good afternoon Russ,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. Nice to see you again.

    I also think that the book Destinations of a lifetime is very special. As nowadays so many things are disappearing from our planet it is a good idea to buy it. When my Mother died I inherited the many books my parents used to have and they are a real treasure to me.

    Even if now, in the internet age, everything is at the tip of your fingers one of the nice things in life is to relax with a good book and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 11.2019 | 02:43 pm


Quite a collection you have here. I like the anti aging product, the one that protects from device radiation. Not forgetting the keyword tool. Phew! Quite a collection to choose from; it’s quite comfortable to actually choose from an array of helpful products. Your descriptions were straight to the point too. Nicely done.

Sep 10.2019 | 03:32 pm


    Good Morning Yomi,

    Nice to hear you liked some of my recommendations. Whenever I find something interesting I will put it on this page. 

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 11.2019 | 06:35 am


This is indeed a wise idea to share those recommendations in this format. None of these recommendations can be rank less. Is it to talk about the superb keywords researcher,Jaaxy or the healthy recommendation that talks about our health. The superb one which I can’t afford to miss is the healthy food summit which comes up every year. I can’t rate this wise idea less. This will go a long way helping people to choose for they really need. Thanks for sharing.

Sep 10.2019 | 03:32 pm


    Good Morning Stella,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I got a computer by the end of 2013. The first Summit I followed was one of Ocean Robbins in 2014. Many different summits followed after that. The GMO, Stem Cells, CBD, Cancer, and lately the one on 5G. These summits are big sources of information.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 11.2019 | 06:32 am


How fun it would be to get to visit places where the Game of Thrones was shot! I love the segment of the natural medicines. With lifestyle diseases caused mostly by our eating and environmental habits, I strongly believe natural remedy is the way to go. Some of the manufactured medicines cannot even be trusted. The healing stone jewelry is also something I would consider.

Thank you for presenting these great recommendations. This is a very useful article!

Sep 10.2019 | 03:34 pm


    Good Morning Carol,

    Nice to hear you found some interesting ideas on my Recommendations page. Too many of these widgets on the sidebar was slowing down the speed. Whenever I come across something good I will put it on the page.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 11.2019 | 06:16 am

Babsie Wagner

Thank you, Taetske, for all the great recommendations, and that’s a great idea to put them into a post.  I have a long side-bar myself, but I like it.  People say to me to not have so much going on with the sidebar, but I put useful tools and information there, and honestly, I think it’s a great resource.  I guess it’s all a matter of personal preference.  I prefer stuff on a sidebar when I visit a site than a plain white border.  I find it interesting.  Everything I put on my sidebar is relevant to my website, so there you have it.  Ha ha.  

I think I may make a resources page of my own for my site.  It’s just a great idea.  Thanks so much.  You have a lot of great information there.

Sep 10.2019 | 03:38 pm


    Good Morning Babsie,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. Nice to see you again.

    I very much liked my sidebar. It was nice and full. It was also a visual thing, different colors making the website more fun. I was told it was slowing down the speed so I had to do something about it. I still have 4 of my own widgets plus 2 Google Adsense and that will be it. I think this Recommendations page is a good compromise.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Sep 11.2019 | 06:11 am

Linda Frankson

Nice idea, but I would get rid of the sidebar on this page, either that center the page. Your recommendations are very good just by themselves. Always a better way

Sep 30.2019 | 11:26 pm


    Good Morning Linda,

    Thank you for taking a look at my new page Recommendations.
    The sidebar cannot be changed as it is theme related. You can have something on the sidebar or leave it empty. One cannot take it away to then make the page wider. There seems to be a limit to the technical things a website layout is capable of.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 01.2019 | 11:27 am


Thanks so much for taking the time to put these recommendations all together in one post, it makes easier for your readers (me also) to find everything here. You have a great collection of good things to do and learn more about that will help many to build up a better life, as soon as we can travel again, I want to plan a visit to Mexico and I got the idea to plan a week to visit Cancun with my children, so I will write a note to check on your post when I make the hotel booking 😉

You’re doing a great job with your website, it helps many to live a better life!

May 12.2021 | 02:25 pm


    Good Morning Alejandra,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. Nice to see you again.

    You mention traveling again. We are also looking forward to that. In 2020 we mainly stayed at home. We did very little socializing. Invited 2 or 3 times and we were invited also a few times. Then we made 1 small day trip, and that was it.

    Luckily I live on a farm so we could stretch our legs, work in the garden and once a week did the shopping in the village. Now we plan a trip to Portugal in June and drive around in Spain as there are still so many places to discover. That sounds great, you want to visit Cancun with the family. Our world is full of beautiful places.

    Do you remember you can download a free PDF of your choice at the tulip widget?

    Regards, Taetske


    May 13.2021 | 06:53 am

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