by Taetske | 4:22 pm

Mother Earth Supports Humanity With Her Gifts

Mother Earth cares for all of us but we have not discovered a fraction of all her gifts     According to scientists, she is 4.543 billion years old.  They might be off some

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by Taetske | 4:19 pm

No More Bees Results In No More Humans

Without bees in our world we, the human race will be nearly extinct within 4 years     Why in the world should I worry about the bees? Well, if the bees are eliminated,

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by Taetske | 5:38 pm

Why Big Companies Cause Enormous Pollution With Plastic

  The worldwide plastic bottle problem     When I go shopping I bring my own bags and use them week after week until they completely fall apart. Like that you save on plastic

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by Taetske | 5:09 pm

Unusual And Important Facts On Animals

Some unusual data on animals     Treat Mother Earth with love You will have probably noticed that I love animals and nature as a whole. We humans should consider ourselves blessed for being

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by Taetske | 4:42 pm

Planting Acorns After A Fire Helps Fight Against Desertification

A great national movement to plant 25 million acorns in Spain     The destruction of the trees There are many places worldwide where trees are being destroyed. We have seen the catastrophic loss

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by Taetske | 4:25 pm

Do Not Flush Trees Down The Toilet

  Flushing trees down the toilet     How trees are being wasted If I ask you: Do you know how much toilet paper a human uses in his life, would you know the

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by Taetske | 3:38 pm

Why Your Biorhythm Will Be Affected By 5G Technology

    5G and the many ways it will harm all living things       I have written a number of posts (on both of my websites) offering information on the dangers of

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by Taetske | 12:32 pm

How To Make Amazon’s Carbon Footprint Smaller

  Amazon’s carbon footprint is getting bigger     Some days ago I received an email that really made me think and prompts me to write this post.   How patient are you? The

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by Taetske | 2:23 pm

The Importance Of Good Quality Air

  Have you ever thought about the quality of the air you breathe?     From the moment you are born to the day you die, you have to breathe to stay alive. You

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by Taetske | 5:08 pm

High Time Changing Columbus Day For Indigenous Peoples Day

  Columbus Day is out and Indigenous Peoples Day is in     I do not know if you have heard about this but I think it is well worth mentioning. Christopher Columbus was born

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