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A Beautiful Visit to the World Famous Keukenhof

A trip back to my childhood     A Kaleidoscope of color and gorgeous smells was awaiting me     After more than 50 years I have revisited a special place in Holland, the

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by Taetske | 1:55 pm

How to Cope with more Environmental Disasters

Our Environment Will Suffer and if We are not Careful it Might be a Real Disaster.     Friends of the Earth I got an email from Friends of the Earth and the news

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by Taetske | 5:30 pm

Archaeological Sites are the History of a People

Archaeological Sites in Malaga/Spain, Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante/U.S.A.   Malaga Spain I have always been interested in old things be it furniture, buildings or archaeological sites. I love stones and fossils and

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by Taetske | 4:09 pm

Lovely Stories on the Buddha, Snails, and a Spider

The Buddha, a lot of snails and a spider.   The story of Prins Siddharta Gautama. When I was a small girl living in Holland my Mother told me about the world religions. I

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Great Information on the First Organic City

Would You Like to Live in the First Organic City?   The word Organic is widely used today but it is not what one can consider an “old” word. When one uses the word

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by Taetske | 9:36 pm

There is Controversial Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations (4th and final pt)

Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations 4   Summary of Previous episodes. In the initial episode, I discussed my disbelief that the Great Sphinx was only 4,500 years old.  My disbelief stemmed from erosion evidence and

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Reforestation, Amazing Vision of a Young Boy.

  The reforestation of our Planet is an immediate necessity.   Some time ago I wrote about the huge effort by India and Pakistan to plant millions of trees to combat Climate Change. This

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by Taetske | 4:19 pm

Unbelievable! 2000 million People have no Clean Water

2000 Million people have no access to clean water.   I have written before about your right to clean drinking water. Now, in January of 2018, I come across this sad news. 2000 million

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by Taetske | 5:58 pm

There is Controversial Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations. (pt 3)

  Prehistoric Civilizations: Egyptians, Sumerians, and the Ubaid People   A Summary of Part 1 & 2 In my previous discussions, I postulate that the ancient Egyptians were not the great master builders we

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by Taetske | 8:08 pm

Has Climate Change a Negative Impact on Genetics?

  Genetics and Climate, is there a connection? Climate Change is altering the behavior of birds and even genetic changes can be observed. An article recently published in my Spanish newspaper Sur, really makes you

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