by Taetske | 5:32 pm

The Difficult Balance Between A Solar Park And The Environment

  What is the general situation in the world regarding renewable energy?     The boom in Solar Parks Over the years many photovoltaic power stations have been built worldwide. Just as with other

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by Taetske | 2:35 pm

The Amazing Recuperation Of Earths Ecosystems

  The entire world is going through a difficult phase     Countries have been on complete lock-down for weeks on end and people are suffering from being confined to small spaces. Children cannot

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by Taetske | 5:38 pm

Why Big Companies Cause Enormous Pollution With Plastic

  The worldwide plastic bottle problem     When I go shopping, I bring my own bags and use them week after week until they completely fall apart. Like that, you save on plastic

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by Taetske | 4:42 pm

Planting Acorns After A Fire Helps Fight Against Desertification

  A great national movement to plant 25 million acorns in Spain     The destruction of the trees There are many places worldwide where trees are being destroyed. We have seen the catastrophic

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by Taetske | 3:04 pm

Beautiful After Death Gift To Mother Nature

  Life-giving death, a gift to mother nature     Giving life after death. Have you ever thought about that? I am not talking about donating your organs, which is a good thing as

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by Taetske | 6:55 pm

How Innovative Technology Makes The Deserts Green Again

  Making the Sahara green again     Once upon a time, the Sahara was not a desert; it was a huge lush, and wet area This period was around 10.000 years ago. In

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by Taetske | 1:00 pm

Innovative New Ways To Use Human Inventions

  Human inventions with a slightly different use   Today I felt I had to write a positive post. I have written a collection of sad and worrying posts on this website. They are

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by Taetske | 2:08 pm

New Technology Will Save Mediterranean Marine Life

  Modern technology is helping the Mediterranean Sea     How I started with modern technology I must start my story by telling you, I am not a technical person. It was late in

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by Taetske | 3:12 pm

Amateur Scientists Offer Valuable Data To The Scientific Community

  Thousands of citizens are amateur scientists as 1000 eyes definitely see more I came upon this nice article recently and as I am a nature lover, I decided to tell you about this.

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by Taetske | 1:03 pm

Amazing, Plants Have Feelings And They Make Music

  The secret life of plants, a very special book   Do plants have feelings? Do plants recognize you? Have you ever thought about these things? Well, I did not until 1973 when I

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