Recommendations is a special page for my visitors


The reason I made this page is that my sidebar was getting too full. My better half is very good at making home-made widgets, which are really pretty, so I did not want to lose them. That is why I made this page of my recommendations.

Some widgets are from the companies themselves and others are made by Michael. Most of these widgets will have an Affiliate link. In case you decide to go shopping there is no added cost for you.


Helping the planet and people

I came across bUnited at the beginning of July 2019. My good friend Linda from Canada told me about it. I live in the south of Spain and this is proof the internet is a big help in spreading news quickly.

For both my websites, I write about situations in our world which affect us all, be it health-wise or having to do with the environment we live in. We have to do something urgently.

This company, “bUnited” gives us the possibility to unite our voices worldwide. Only through the buying power of consumers, will industries understand.  Changes are possible.


Save our Planet


Join this worldwide movement and help stop 5G

Have you heard about the 5G Space Appeal? If not please read about what they are doing. It is of utmost importance for fauna, flora, and the human race. A global threat with global control, what are we doing?



I hope you have found something of interest on my recommendations page. Thank you for your visit.

Regards, Taetske

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