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Human inventions with a slightly different use


Today I felt I had to write a positive post. I have written a collection of sad and worrying posts on this website. They are all documenting that there are a lot of worrying things happening in our world. But today I decided to present you with something different and nice. New uses for human inventions. I think these are great ideas, and while investigating, I have come across some amazing things.


Washing line with Bras

Washing line with Bras


How to help an injured turtle with a bra clasp

This might make you smile but it is serious and nice at the same time. Do not throw your old bras away as they can have positive and alternative uses. Who would have thought that? Those little hooks on the back can save a life. Now, how nice is that? Here comes the story.

Jennifer Gordon is the director of a North Carolina animal rescue.  She reports that at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, an unusual method is used to repair the cracked shells of turtles. Yes, those small iron clasps are used to hold the crack together waiting for the shell to heal. First of all the crack is glued, then a wire is used to finalize the repair job with some bra clasps.



Between 3 to 40 turtles might be treated each week depending on the season. Many injured turtles are brought in during springtime. The turtles leave their regular homes, like ponds and lakes, as they come out to lay their eggs on land.

I have seen this myself as I have turtles in a big fishpond. Some years ago, while cleaning the area, a nest was discovered with 6 tiny turtles, probably just out of the egg. They were no bigger than a Euro 50 cent coin. After checking that they were all OK, they were carefully introduced to the pond where their parents and brothers and sisters live. The big ones are huge, bigger than 2 hands held together.

When the turtles leave their natural habitat, there are many dangers lurking out there. When crossing the road they might be run over by a car. A dog might get curious and give it a bite or a lawn mower might injure the poor animal.


Tortoise crossing the road

Tortoise crossing the road


All kind of different turtles might be brought in to the center. Little ones, not bigger than a silver dollar sized eastern box turtle have been treated. It has also happened that a huge, 14-inch snapping turtle was taken in for treatment.

These animals might stay from 3 to 8 weeks till their shells have completely healed. Then the big day comes and the bra clasps are taken off and the turtle is released back to its home. I think this is a lovely story.


A not so good human invention, plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are bad for your health and pollute the environment. Actually, even if convenient, this invention is not a good one. Luckily there is a great way, instead of throwing those bottle out, to use them as a building material.


Collected Plastic Bottles

Collected Plastic Bottles


How to build a home with plastic bottles

Countries like India, South America, and in certain parts of Africa have built houses with plastic bottles. The concept is easy enough. The empty bottle is filled with sand or with waste which cannot be recycled and there you have your building brick. The fill material just has to be small enough to fit through the opening.  Once filled, they are laid in a row with cement or clay to fill the gaps.

A lot of structures can be built this way. Houses, greenhouses, and even water tanks can be built using this technique. Whatever you can imagine.  On top of the fact that this is a great way to use a waste product, these “bricks” insulate very well in a hot climate and as total, the investment is extremely low. It might take some time to get enough bottles together but it is worth the effort.

In Honduras, a house was constructed with 8000 PET bottles and has a green roof with sod and turf. This is a super insulated house with very low heating and cooling costs. Having used 8000 bottles, it liberated the local landfill of approx. 12 cubic meters (m3). When this roof gets wet it can come to weigh up to 30 metric tons (Mt, toneladas) but the plastic bottle brick can easily support this weight.

A house build like that can last a good 300 years longer than many modern buildings. Plus the fact that it reuses plastic bottles makes this a great solution.


More good uses for a plastic bottle

There are places in our world where people do not have electricity and a water bottle could help out with this problem. Have you heard of a Solar Bottle Bulb? Have a look at the following YouTube video which shows how to make such a light.



Such an ingenious invention of a Brazilian engineer. This system uses a 1.5-liter soda bottle and produces 50W just like a normal light bulb, how cool is that?


How a condom prevents mothers from bleeding to death

It is the year 2000 when Dr. Sayeba Akhter, chair of Dhaka Medical College Hospitals (DMCH) Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, noticed many women after childbirth would bleed to death. In Bangladesh, 30 to 40 years ago, this was the primary cause of high maternal mortality rate. This condition is called postpartum hemorrhage and doctors would proceed to take out the uterus to prevent this bleeding but that made it impossible for the women to have more children.

Dr. Sayeba discovered a very simple and cheap procedure to stop this bleeding. This is now known worldwide as condom catheter tamponade or just simply the Sayebas method.

It happened that one day 2 women literally died in front of her eyes after giving birth.  She said, “I suddenly visualized the children in the village playing with balloons and wondered if filling a balloon with water and inserting it in the uterus that the pressure created would stop the bleeding”.





She went to the hospital the next day and stopped the doctors operating to take out a woman’s uterus and applied her method the first time. By using this pioneering method of a catheter, a condom, some string, and a saline set and a saline solution, the innovative idea functioned and the bleeding stopped within 10 minutes.

The use of this procedure devised by Dr. Sayeba has saved the lives of millions of women worldwide. It is extremely cheap as it only costs about 99 cents. This method is being used in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Canada.


Mother with her Baby

Mother with her Baby


An Afterthought

These were just a few examples of reusing known inventions. Quite amazing don’t you think? It made me happy to discover these stories and that is why I wanted to share them with you.


Source: CNN, story June 29, 2019, on bra clasps and written by Scottle Andrew and Nadeem Muaddl

Photo Source: Pixabay


There are some good inventions in our world which might somehow rectify and minimize the mistakes that were made. You might like to read the following post.

Amazing Solutions for the Air Pollution in our World



I would like to commend your effort in giving means and ways how we could save the world we live in. Those practical remedies to treat cracks on turtles shell and the drive to clean up the environment with plastic rubbish were just awesome. This garbage could be reused in many ways. We could use them as material for building a house. They could be grounded like gravel and mix them in making a block of cement for the house. Others are recycling them to be used for decorative purposes. One novel idea was a man, who has made a floating boat entirely made of empty plastic bottles and constructed a rather beautiful house with the use of empty plastic bottles too. In addition, there was research on a form of bacteria that could eat the plastic garbage overtime that or stopping the use of plastic as much as possible could mean a huge difference in our environment. Your article is one of the ways to educate people like me not only to be aware but to take action as well.

Jul 19.2019 | 09:04 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Yes, I know, many things can be made out of plastic bottles. I saw that photo of a man who had made a boat out of bottles. On my website, I have an article which talks about this. Unique and interesting new systems for bio-degradation of plastic.

    Solutions are needed and instead of destroying our environment we should protect it. I have come across bUnited recently. You might find it interesting to read their website. The concept is very innovative, save the planet and help people. Please click the widget below my photo. On that website top right you have many languages. 

    Regards, Taetske  

    Jul 21.2019 | 06:40 am


Thank you for sharing these amazing stories. It is great that the lady can help out the poor turtle with the bras claps, genius. It is great to hear that we finally come up with a new way of getting rid of the plastic bottles by using it in the building. This is the first time I heard of it, I really think that we should do it in the States. I see a lot of plastic bottles everywhere when I work and that is sad. I always bring my water from home in my thermo. If I need a refill, I try to find the fountain but if I cannot I make sure to recycle that properly. The story about the condom that can stop the bleeding is something. Thank you for sharing these stories. 😊

Jul 19.2019 | 09:40 pm


    Good Morning Nuttanee,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Nice to see you again.

    I was happy to come across these stories as they are so positive. Too many worrying things happening in our world about which I write so for me it was nice to write this positive post. That is really good you bring your own water from home, that is one less bottle. 

    I want to tell you I have a new widget in the sidebar. Save the Planet, it is under my photo. I heard about bUnited from Linda this month. Please have a look as it might resonate with you. When you click on it you will see the website of bUnited and on the top right you have many languages.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 21.2019 | 06:25 am

Linda Frankson

Hi there, Taetske, Though your video about the light I also was shown how to make a solar light out of a mason jar. it is extremely useful these inventions. Being self-reliant is something that interests me very much and is become more and more necessary.

Making homes out of plastic bottles can help third world countries to move out of poverty. I saw a video with an engineer that taught people in Dominical to construct these houses from start to finish.

I was amazed at the finished product. How these communities came together to help build their own homes for each other.

How they took plastic waste from the dumpsters and cut them up to fill the bottles and used clay dirt that had no value for farming by wetting the clay down and mixing the plastic into the clay and filling the bottles then setting them in the sun to dry. This made them very durable.

This was very interesting to watch and very heartwarming to watch this engineer working together with the people.

Thanks for this post it was very enlightening

Jul 21.2019 | 11:44 pm


    Good afternoon Linda, that you for a new visit to my website. Nice to see you again.

    I also find it quite amazing to see the things which can be made out of waste. There actually would be hardly any waste left if this concept would be implemented on a bigger scale. There you see, a bad invention can become a good invention after all.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 22.2019 | 03:04 pm


Great article, Taetske. Great useful and life-saving info. It is nice to know that even though some of the items man has created might fall into disrepute after a while, it is good to know that they can be repurposed and save a live – animal or human – from time to time.
I enjoyed reading it.

Jul 26.2019 | 08:31 pm


    Good Morning Michelle,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. Nice to see you again.
    I was also happy to find these interesting and unusual stories which inspired me to write my post.
    Too much negative stuff going on in our world, good to be able to counterbalance with something positive.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 27.2019 | 06:12 am

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