by Taetske | 2:11 pm

Amazing Solutions for the Air Pollution in our World

  The quality of the air we breath is of utmost importance for our health   Air pollution is a worrisome topic. Mother Earth supplies a lot of healthy air. There would be more

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by Taetske | 2:51 pm

Is Jackfruit a Solution to World Hunger?

Could Jackfruit help with the hunger problem in the world?     Do you know what Jackfruit is? I did not till I read an article in Food Revolution Network. They so often come

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by Taetske | 6:46 pm

20.000 Animals Saved With Amazing Prosthesis Of Doctor Campana

The paws doctor   The magic of the “Paws Doctor”, Derrick Campana Normally, when you open the newspaper or look at the news on the TV, more often than not what you see is

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by Taetske | 3:04 pm

Great Information on the First Organic City

Would You Like to Live in the First Organic City?   The word Organic is widely used today but it is not what one can consider an “old” word. When one uses the word

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by Taetske | 3:09 pm

Reforestation, Amazing Vision of a Young Boy.

  The reforestation of our Planet is an immediate necessity   Some time ago I wrote about the huge effort by India and Pakistan to plant millions of trees to combat Climate Change. This

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by Taetske | 4:19 pm

Unbelievable! 2000 million People have no Clean Water

2000 Million people have no access to clean water   I have written before about your right to clean drinking water. Now, in January of 2018, I come across this sad news. 2000 million

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by Taetske | 7:23 pm

Solutions for the Disappearing of the Trees

The importance of trees for our planet     To find solutions for the disappearing of the Trees is one of the most important and urgent things to do.   The importance of trees

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by Taetske | 3:23 pm

80 Solutions Global Warming, hope for our Planet

  Finally some good news for our Planet   Is it too late already? I have been writing a lot about “negative” news like Global Warming/Climate Change if the Human Race will become extinct

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by Taetske | 3:50 pm

The Amazing Mushroom, How it will Safe our Planet

How Mushrooms can save our Planet   Childhood memories I have very fond childhood memories while still living in Holland. On the weekends my parent would often take me to visit the Hoge Veluwe

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by Taetske | 3:54 pm

Unique and Interesting new systems for Bio-degradation of Plastic

An interesting possibility to get rid of our plastic waste We have all heard of the growing problem of plastic wastes.  Plastic can, over time, break down in the presence of ultraviolet light (UV). 

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