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More than 5 Therapeutic uses of Clay


cracked clay

Cracked Clay


The use of Clay throughout History

Mother Nature, ever so generous has given us many things we can use in our daily life.
One of these gifts is the earth we walk on.  Clay has been used throughout history by all the different civilizations. What happened is that this knowledge of natural therapies has been forgotten as modern medicine took its place. Luckily those ancient remedies have been “rediscovered”  and nowadays are living a comeback.

We can go back in time some 3000 years and go to Egypt at the time when the pyramids were being built.  The doctors of the pharaohs, this information was found written on papyrus, used the yellow earth for healing wounds, inflammation, and other internal issues. They knew of the purifying and antiseptic properties of clay and therefore it was also used by the people who mummified the dead.

There is an island in the Egean sea called Lemnos, there the Greek would go for the clay which was extremely abundant there. This clay was used in case of burns, against the Pest and also for a serpent’s bite. This valuable earth was even sent to other countries with a seal. A wise Greek with the name Dioscorides wrote in his treaty  On Medical Material that clay was being used for abscess and healing of wounds. His work was translated into many languages and into English in 1655.

Also in Rome clay was known and used. Plinio the Elder writes in his Historia Naturalis a detailed account of it. It came from the hills close to Neapolis, it was dried in the sun and then mixed with wheat. Its use was against infections in the stomach and intestines.

Also in the Bible, there is the mention of clay when Jesus used it to give sight to a blind man.
Explorers worldwide mention its use which they discovered on their voyages to far away countries. Like Marco Polo who mentioned on visiting the holy city of Niabar that people would go outside the city to find this red earth to use for fighting fevers.

Lyall Wattson, one of my favorite writers, explains in his book The Omnivorous Ape, that countries like Indonesia, Philippines, and places in Africa the use of clay was widespread.

In Occident, the use of clay was not well known. After the Middle Ages when the Renaissance came some 200 years later it was about completely forgotten. At the end of the 19 century
Abbot Kneipp from Germany used clay for curing animals. Archduke Francis Joseph from Austria asked him to heal his sick horses. In the first World War, the French and also Russian soldiers who suffered from dysentery while being in the trenches were given 200 gr of clay with mustard.  There are much more examples of the use of clay and its benefits throughout history.


What makes clay so special?

When it is analyzed under a microscope comes this list of ingredients.
Silica, aluminum oxide, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium and some magnesium.
Clay has some potent properties. It disinfects in an intelligent way. It goes there in the body where it is needed. It inhibits the spreading of microbes or bacteria and at the same time activates the reconstruction of healthy cells.
It has an extreme capacity for absorption and therefore very efficient in absorbing toxins.
Festering wounds can heal with clay as the bad is absorbed and the healing is accelerated leaving much smaller scars. It even seems that clay has the ability to absorb part of the radioactivity which surrounds us.

There is clay with different colors depending on the amount of iron oxide hydrate.
Yellow, red, white, brown, blue, gray or green. The green variation seems to be the most active one.
One can use it for drinking diluted in water, make a paste for cooling a bruise helping in the healing process of wounds. There is a long list of problems where clay may be helpful.


My own experience with clay

In my kitchen window, I have a glass filled with approx 1 cm of green clay and then filled up with water. I try to drink 1 glass a day, afterward, I fill it up with water again.
My cats who come in for breakfast have a glass with clay water standing next to their food and they drink it. One should remember that clay should only be in contact with glass or wood and never metal or plastic, this is very important.


my meditation tree

My meditation tree


Behind the house, I have a big fishpond with a lovely very old tree. Underneath the tree is a small stone bench. This quiet place is ideal for relaxing and meditating. From there one can observe the life in the pond. Fish and frogs, snakes who come for the wedding. When they have baby’s that pond is kind of not safe anymore as they go hunting the fish and the frogs.

There also live many generations of turtles, some of them really big. This all started when I fished 2 small turtles in the small brook nearby and gave them a new home in my fishpond. Just as well as years later the life in that brook was killed by an urbanization build higher up in the mountains.


green water frog

Green Water Frog


How to help a wounded Frog

It is quite some years ago when I went for a stroll in the afternoon. Arriving at the pond I saw 2 big snakes disputing a frog between them. Each of the snakes had one fang in the frogs back. Normally I try not to interfere with nature but this time I did. On coming real close the snakes “ran” away and I picked up the wounded frog and took him home. I put him in my laundry room where there is a big and deep basin which I filled with clay water so it just covered his back. He sat in my clinic for 24 hours and then I took him back to his home.


the little fishpond on the patio

The little fishpond on the patio


Saving Goldfish

On my patio, I have a small fishpond and whenever I notice a fish who is behaving funny, like floating on its side, I pick it up and put it in a regular fishbowl with clay water also for 24 hours.
The clay will have gone through its entire system and like that has a chance to recover. I have done this often over the years and the success rate is about 50%.




In nature animals often use clay. Perhaps you have seen the film The Bear. When the big bear had a shot wound he rolled in a mud puddle.
Mother Earth has so many gifts we really should be grateful.
I buy my green clay in powder form in the Health shop and always take care to have a good amount of it in the house for emergencies.


Source: Wikipedia and My Life

Photo Source: Free Great Pictures and Private Photos




Hi there
Many thanks for posting this interesting and informative article. I had never heard of this phenonomen until now and it makes great reading, for sure.
You definitely have done some great research on this particular topic and who would have thought that ordinary clay soil would have such fantastic theraputic properties.
In my own humble opinion, I would safetly say that we have only discovered a fraction of what natural elements and minerals exist on this earth.
Scientists are still researching and trialling natural cures and ailments that may help the populationand lets hope that they are successful.
Thanks fot this informative post
Cheers PB

Sep 14.2017 | 04:55 pm


    Thank you Phil for leaving this nice comment on my clay article. I am very interested in all the gifts of Mother Nature, she beats modern medicine most times and provides cures which normally have no side effects. I try to go back to nature as much as possible but am worried what humans are doing to our planet.
    I hope to see you again
    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 14.2017 | 05:21 pm


Hi Taetske,

Thanks so much for sharing this article, I love to know more about how nature help us to live better.

I knew the benefits of clay were many and good for us, but your articles shares more benefits I didn’t know about.

How interesting is to discover more ways that can help us to live better and some times the solution for a particular problem is in our back yard.

I didn’t know that we can drink water from a glass where it contains some clay, and I didn’t know clay will help to heal some bruises, this is better that some cream I get from the drug store, and more natural.

Where can I find some clay that I know it’s good and I could drink the water like you say in your article?

I love the photos from your property, thanks again for sharing some views from your lovely patio!


Dec 04.2018 | 12:36 pm


    Good afternoon Alejandra,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Nature is amazing as it provides for all our needs. She provides the foods which are good for our health, clean water and air. If we have an ailment for sure there is help if you turn to nature. Creation is a miraculous setup and if left in peace normally everything functions well.

    Humans always want to improve on everything and most of the times it is not a success. We even destroy the environment which is stupid as we all live here. I hope someday we will understand this.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 04.2018 | 02:25 pm


Hello Taetske,

Right of the bat I want to tell You that I’ve really enjoyed reading Your article which I found to be very captivating and informative. I’ve learned a lot of new things today. As far as using clay goes, I have to say I’m very impressed by different purposes and ways there is to use this natural element. Going into this article I wasn’t really familliar with clay and how people use it, and I was quite astounded by the amount of possibilities this element provides for various usages. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that clay has the ability to help recover fish that’s behaving strange and perhaps has some problems with its health. I was also quite positively shocked to learn that You sucessfuly used clay to help wounded frog, great stuff! I love how You used word ”clinic” to describe the place in Your home where frog was getting healed, haha! Had a great laugh with this one 😀 I truly admire Your love for the animals and nature 🙂 I love animals as well and would do the same thing for them if I would see someone in a need for a help.

All in all, thanks for the great article and keep up the great work 😉

Dec 23.2018 | 05:24 pm


    Good Morning Evald,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Living on my farm since 1981 there are many animal stories. I have always had cats and dogs and then, of course, the animals who live here by their own choice. As my farm is organic and my neighbor also has gone organic years ago this place is a safe haven for all kind of animals, insects, and birds. I love to observe nature as one can learn so much. In January all the fishponds are cleaned to prepare for the coming weddings. First the toads, a protected species, then frogs and fish. So you see, never a dull moment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 24.2018 | 08:01 am

Jamie Clay

Hi Taetske!

This is very interesting information here. I use clay for my face but I never thought about drinking it. I also find it interesting and it makes so much more sense that the healing properties within the clay has so many benefits to us as humans, given the first man and woman was made out of the clay of the earth. In which all mankind has been reproduced from. Clay has some unique ways to use it. I like that you said it disinfects in an intelligent way. It’s awesome the things God has made available to us here on this earth.

Dec 23.2018 | 06:14 pm


    Good Morning Jamie,

    Nature provides all we need.We always think we can do and make it better but that is not true We should take better care of our environment so that future generations can also enjoy living on our beautiful planet.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 24.2018 | 08:02 am


Did you drink the glass of water with clay? I haven’t heard about that before. Your article is very interesting and informative. I know many uses of clay, but never thought it can be drinking. There is a truth -we don’t use all that the nature has for our benefits- and there is a lot, like clay as you found out. Thank you for this post.

Dec 23.2018 | 06:58 pm


    Good Morning Maria,

    To drink a glass with clay water might not sound appealing but knowing the good things it does to your inside it is worth a try. Perhaps, in the beginning, you think it does not taste so good but I can assure you after a couple of glasses one gets used to it. Nature has so much to offer, most things have not even been discovered yet, one just has to keep an open mind.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 24.2018 | 08:02 am

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