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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2021)


The influence the Moon has on all Living Things


Long ago humans lived in harmony with the different rhythms of nature, this was important to guaranty their survival. They adapted to the climate they lived in as the words show which were needed to describe something.

Like the Eskimos who live in the harshest climate, they have some 40 different words to describe snow. Only 2 of those words describe the right type of snow to build igloos.


Learning by observing Nature

By observing nature, people were able to discover many important things.
They discovered that the moon had a big influence on things like the high and low tide, meteorological happenings, despite the fact that animals, in general, showed certain behavioral patterns depending on the moon position.

Like birds which would gather nest building material at a specific time so that after a rain the nest would quickly dry.

Also, certain types of works like when does one log a tree, different work in the garden, harvesting certain vegetables or fruits so they last longer, the influence the moon has on operations and treatments. All these things are subject to nature’s rhythms.

So it is not the knowledge about a certain thing or the action one takes, it has to do with when this happens for it to be successful or not.

Throughout the generations, this knowledge was passed on, but by the end of the 19 century, it suddenly got forgotten. Modern technology and medicine took over. People had less time and were not willing to wait for results, only in faraway regions it somehow survived.

Modern farmers scolded and laughed about the knowledge their parents wanted to pass on.
With the usage of pesticides and artificial fertilizer, it looked as if everything was getting better and bigger, but how mistaken we were. The same applies to medicine. Every time stronger pills were needed to battle new illnesses, bringing us further away from nature.


A book for all of those who want to know more about the Moon

The writer Arnold Lieber, M.D. presents some controversial ideas. Personally, I like to keep an open mind as like that, you can learn new things.



The Moon and its different Phases

Going back to nature and taking the moon phases into consideration life would be a lot easier.
The moon has a cycle of 28 days.

The new Moon has for a short time a special impulse on humans, animals, and nature itself. If you fast on this day, it has a special healing and preventive effect. This is also the day to start something new, like for example stop smoking. A sick tree being trimmed on this day can regain its health again.


Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon image by Myriam Zilles


Waxing Moon is the phase where all nourishment we are fed builds up and strengthens. As the moon gets bigger, the healing of wounds gets more difficult and it becomes unfavorable to have an operation. This is also the time, until the full moon when more babies are born.


Full Moon

Full Moon image by Skeeze


The Full Moon is the phase that shows a big influence on living things. Wounds will bleed more, people start walking in their sleep, and herbs which are collected at that time are more potent in their force for healing.

Do not make a major cut on a tree as it might die. Police will ask for more personal as now there will be more crime to battle. Midwives have to work double.


Waning Moon

Waning Moon image by Dewald van Rensburg


Waning Moon. During this phase, operations are more successful and all housework somehow is easier to do. Work in the vegetable garden like sowing and the planting of under the soil growing small plants will benefit from this phase.


My own experience with Moon Phases

On operations one can say the following: the closer to the full moon the less favorable it is.
The best time is during the waning moon, and I made my personal experience with this knowledge.
When in 2007 I was told I needed a total hysterectomy I asked my gynecologist if we could program this according to the moon phase and my zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign rules an organ and or region of the body. Apart from the moon phase, an operation should not be done when the moon is in your sign and neither in the sign of the to be operated organ or area.

Well, he knew me for quite some years already back then and he said yes, knowing I would insist on my wish. I did my calculations and luckily one of the chosen dates was available.

He told me afterward that all those present in the operation room were amazed at the little blood I lost with a 20 cm cut. I also recovered rapidly and was out of the hospital sooner than expected. If you are interested in the entire story, here you can read about it


A tasty dish of Mussels

A tasty dish of Mussels image by Paul NI


When to order a dish of Mussels

I live in the south of Spain and love eating mussels in a restaurant on the coast. I was told many years ago that there is a difference in size depending on when I order this dish. They are harvested in Galicia, north of Spain, shortly before or after the full moon.

About a week later they are on your plate nice and big. Ordered a week or 2 later they turn out to be really small as the ones harvested have reduced size considerably.



I would like to give a household tip ending this post.
Modern houses often suffer from mold which is extremely bad for your health. When the moon is waning is the right time to attack this problem. Use water with vinegar and a natural brush, your effort will have a longer-lasting effect.

Just for fun. Here is a wonderful video of the recent super-moon.

I have made a collection of things that might be of your interest. Before you leave, have a look at Recommendations.


Source: Vom richtigen Zeitpunkt, Johanna Paungger und Thomas Poppe.

Photo Source: Pixabay


Mother Nature is amazing. She will provide for all our needs. Perhaps you would also like to read the following post.

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Taetske, I so much enjoyed reading your article. It made me wish I had taken more notice of moon phases throughout my life. I remember that my father, who was a wonderful gardener, used to plant according to moon phase. I’ve known many people who plant ‘by the moon’, as they say.

It was interesting reading about your surgery. It was great that you surgeon knew you well as many surgeons may not have been so obliging.
I had major spinal surgery nine years ago. I don’t know what phase moon was in but I think it must have been right for me. The surgery was very major and my recovery was amazing, so much so that my doctor told me that the surgeon said I was his star patient. I’m sure the moon played a big part in that event!
I will return to your website as you have some very interesting articles that I know I will enjoy.

For now, thank you very much Taetske

Jun 12.2017 | 03:25 am


    Good morning Valerie,

    Thank you for visiting my website and also telling me you found the article interesting. Of course, it just was a small post like the tip of the iceberg so to speak. So many more things can be said and one could go much deeper into this fascinating subject. Here on my farm in the south of Spain, I try to follow those rules as best as I can. Wishing you all the best.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 12.2017 | 06:19 am


Dear Taetske, Thank you for a very interesting article. From now on I will concentrate much more on the moon phases. Wish I had done it sooner. But as you say, better late than never.

Aug 05.2017 | 11:35 am


    Good afternoon Yasmin,

    Thank you for reading this post. The influence of the Moon is an ever present thing. In old times people paid more attention to it but in our modern world,
    people often forget its importance.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 05.2017 | 12:06 pm


Enjoyed reading your post. I have never thought about the moon before in this way, but i love reading about things like this! Made me look outside to see if it was a full moon or not! I liked learning about the new moon and how on this day it is the best time to start something new. Just in time for new year resolutions! Maybe i can try my diet on the next new moon. Will definitely pay attention to the moon from now on.

Love your site and has many interesting articles.

Dec 20.2018 | 06:15 pm


    Good Morning Jenny,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    It is quite amazing to find out what a big influence the moon has on all living things. I am happy I did the calculation before my operation so the whole thing was a lot less traumatic and I recovered so well.

    Here on my farm in the south of Spain, the moon phases are very much taken into consideration especially when in January the whole garden is pruned. It is important for the roses, bougainvillea, vines, and other bushes and trees.

    Happy to hear you liked this article, hope to see you again.

    Regards Taetske

    Dec 21.2018 | 07:27 am


Thank you for this amazing post, I have stumbled on your post more than a couple times and I always find it highly educative, you must have put a lot if energy in digging deep into the positive influence of moons. I love the impact the full moon has on humanity. Thanks for this post. 

Jan 31.2019 | 07:29 pm


    Good Morning Clement,

    Nice to see you. Thank you for your comment.

    You know living so many years on an organic farm does make you have a close relationship with nature. Following her rules, magical things can happen. The knowledge about nature got kind of lost in modern times. Luckily it is making a comeback as scientist discover helpful things all the time.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 01.2019 | 07:42 am


This is what I need, been looking for ways the moon affect the living things but I’ve been getting old references. Thanks for the post. What lead me to this was why some animals do come out in the night while some don’t. The clear view and the way you explained it in your article really does the magic. I hope you won’t mind if I share this with my followers. They gotta see this. 

Jan 31.2019 | 07:30 pm


    Good Morning Ayodeji,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Nature has a fantastic system set up to keep everything functioning and in harmony. Normally when man interferes it gets out of balance. Nice to hear you liked my post and that you want to share it with other people.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 01.2019 | 07:46 am


All these things you talked about the moon phases is in accordance to what please?  I have tried to relate it with a religious findings in Christianity and that’s my faith and I have come into conclusions that everything you described about the phases of the moon and how they affect our lives positively or negatively has nothing to do with the Christian faith and scriptures and I will like to know from where you sourced your informations

Jan 31.2019 | 07:32 pm


    Good Morning Kenechi,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    The influence the moon has on our daily life has not really anything to do with Christian faith or with any other religion. I would call it the laws of nature. It is a very complex system so that fauna and flora can live together and be of help to each other. In old times the people understood those nature laws and lived accordingly.

    They  knew when to sow and harvest, they knew what things in nature were edible. Normally they would not destroy nature and only take what really was needed. Sadly this knowledge got lost and when you look at the world today you will agree we do a lot of harmful things to our environment. We pollute the water and air. Trees are taken down in the millions. As trees provide our oxygen that is not a clever idea.

    We have to learn to live in harmony with nature and to protect her as she will be the habitat for future generations.

    I hope I answered your question?

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 01.2019 | 07:57 am


Honestly I still don’t know that event could be planning based on the moon sign, this things seems archaic especially in the Western world. Somehow, the practice of respecting the moon sign is still very much practiced in some part of Africa and Asia. Following the moon and zodiac signs worked for you and it can be said that you are a living testimony of zodiac signs, but it’s a matter of different folk and different stroke.

Jan 31.2019 | 07:34 pm


    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    The fact that we have separated from nature has brought on a lot of hardship. Just look at the health of people in the so-called developed countries. There are many scientific studies which prove that the moon has an influence on all living things. In old times people lived in harmony with nature and recognized these facts.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 01.2019 | 02:17 pm


Hi Taetske, great article on Moon’s influence on living things. The influence and importance of the moon cannot be overemphasized. In the time past, our forefathers used the moon as their calendar, they use it to count days, they observe the moon and from there, they can tell the important days earmarked for a certain celebration.  Sadly in this 21st century, we live in a fast-paced world, where most people are impatient with the traditional method of farming.Thank you for teaching me difference phase of the moon like the Waxing moon, full moon and waning moon.

Jan 31.2019 | 07:40 pm


    Good afternoon Gracen,

    Thank you for your visit and your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Here, on my organic farm, I do take the phases of the moon into account. Especially when once a year the grapevines, roses, bougainvillea, and other trees and bushes get cut. We have turned away from nature and eat man-made foods, that is why we are not healthy.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 01.2019 | 02:33 pm

Seun Afotanju

I really enjoyed reading this post, it opened my imagination as to how the moon really works, I do know the moon has a big influence on different things but what I didn’t know was the different stages and it’s influence in until now, you explained both the waxing moon and the full moon with distinction,but I’m curious to know if the blood moon have it’s own influence on humans and nature? 

Jan 31.2019 | 07:58 pm

Sylvia Mann

Taetske, I don’t remember the book I had, back in Germany, about the Moon and its phases and how it can be utilized for everything in life. I believe though it was from an Austrian woman who her grandfather was a farmer and taught her everything he knew.
She later wrote a book about. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any books of mine here with me to Canada.
Anyway, I followed a few things she mentioned in her book like to wash the clothes, clean the house or even wash and cut your hair. I must say, I was quite surprised that it really did make a change or easier to do depending what I was doing at the time.
I wrote to you on another post of yours that I was an ignorant teenager, when my late Mother and I, had met an elderly Farmer. He told us similar experiences of his which I later found, again, written in the book I mentioned.
However, I still didn’t adopt the Moon phases totally and as always, we start something being excited about and then forget about it.
I just started out with my newly found spiritual approach to life and therefore have found many things, at once, which were worthy to be more explored.
One thing though, I have to share, is the fact, why quitting smoking one day came so easily to me without any withdrawal symptoms or any further cravings for cigarettes.
It was years later that I found out that the moon was in its waning phase short of a day to the New Moon. A man I met did the calculation and I was so surprised but at the same time, it made total sense why it happened so quickly and easily.
This is now over 23 years ago where I smoked my last cigarette.
Just one more thing I have to say is the fact and that is a bit funny too. I never had actually planned to quit smoking, at that time, I still loved smoking and did so for quite a number of years. Yes, I had tried before to quit, with more or less success, however, I always bounced back starting again.
Since I have quit smoking for the last time it was so light and easy to do and I know now, that I have done it at the right time and moment. I certainly have to thank my spirit guides, which certainly helped me on this matter, as well.

Mar 24.2019 | 02:31 pm


    Good afternoon Sylvia,

    Nice to see you again on my website. Thank you for your long comment.
    The book was published in 1991. I am sending a link as they are still very present. You can get all kind of interesting things.
    I also used to smoke and stopped 3 times for various reasons. After a certain time, I would start again. Then in 2016, just before Christmas I smoked my last cigarette and have never looked back. It could very well be that the moon was right and all the other times was not in a favorable phase.
    When I look back at my life, I will be 69 soon, I see different phases where I had to learn certain things. Now the total fits like pieces of my life puzzle.
    This coming week I will be away a couple of days going on a stone and fossil hunt. This is one of my other hobbies.

    All the best, Taetske

    Mar 24.2019 | 03:06 pm

      Sylvia Mann

      Thank you, Taetske for the Link, appreciated.

      Mar 24.2019 | 05:36 pm


        Good afternoon Sylvia,

        Nice to hear my link was helpful.

        Regards, Taetske

        Apr 03.2019 | 01:45 pm


I really enjoy your article about positive influences of moon phase. I love to read a lot about agriculture, so I will share you a site, Calendario Agrícola Lunar Panama, it deasl about the best moments to raise crops. 

I didn´t know about the relationship between a waning moon in regard with medicine. A normal cut on  abdominal hysterectomy is about 12 cm to 15 cm. So it was really a surprise a 20 cm long. You were lucky to find a surgeon with much of flexibility in his routines, even though you knew him.

Man made food, is really a great issue, as you mentioned in the article. It would be too political to talk about this matter. I am 100% with you about how synthetic things, is a waste of time.

Yes, Taetske, very glad to cross into your page. As the ancient Arabs during the night they discovered signs in the sky to lead us for good, now skyscrapers are all around us, it is almost impossible to consider.

Aug 07.2020 | 05:34 pm


    Good Morning Len,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    My operation was in 2008 and at that time I found that the cut was really long, some 20cm. I went to measure it yesterday, and it has shrunk a bit, now it is a tic over 15cm. Yes, I was lucky my doctor was open-minded. I have been his patient for 19 years till he retired. He was the type of doctor who would ask me at my yearly checkup what kind of tests I wanted done that year. 

    I have another website on health. My 2 websites often overlap as environment relates to health, and that is why I call them my sister sites. Perhaps you would join me on FB where I post my writings, etc.

    Elon Musk is dirtying the sky with his 5G satellites and astronomers are getting cross. I posted an article on that recently. Men knows better and wants to improve on everything. Sadly, this ends up in disaster most of the time.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 08.2020 | 06:44 am

Alan Edwards

Hi Taetske, What an interesting article. I was not aware of many of these facts. I will watch out for future posts, cheers Alan

Aug 14.2020 | 02:17 pm


    Good afternoon Alan,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Nice to hear you liked my article. Mother Nature holds many fascinating things which were known in old times. Living in harmony with nature has never harmed anybody. I hope we will reconnect in the future so balance comes back to our world.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 14.2020 | 04:47 pm

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