by Taetske | 1:00 pm

Innovative New Ways To Use Human Inventions

Human inventions with a slightly different use   Today I felt I had to write a positive post. I have written a collection of sad and worrying posts on this website. They are all

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by Taetske | 5:51 pm

Spain Is Drying Out No More Rain On The Plain

  The water shortage in Spain is getting critical     Some information on the water situation in Spain Today I want to write about the water situation in Spain. I came across an

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by Taetske | 2:08 pm

New Technology Will Save Mediterranean Marine Life

  Modern technology is helping the Mediterranean Sea     How I started with modern technology I must start my story by telling you, I am not a technical person. It was late in

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by Taetske | 2:51 pm

The Florida Panther Is In Grave Danger

  The Florida panther is losing its habitat   Why I love nature I am a “nature” person and I was blessed to spend my childhood in a very beautiful area in Holland. There

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by Taetske | 3:06 pm

How To Stop The Idiocy Of Plastic Pollution Policies

  Return to sender, take care of your own plastic waste     Have you ever thought about what happens to all our plastic waste? I mean the waste from countries like Canada, UK,

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by Taetske | 2:54 pm

Nature At Its Best Wonderful Colors On My Spanish Farm

  Beautiful nature colors on my organic farm     In 1981 I bought a ruin in the south of Spain That is where my life adventure started. It has not always been easy,

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by Taetske | 3:50 pm

2 Unusual And Beautiful Villages In The South Of Spain

  2 Unusual villages, Zahara de la Sierra and Setenil de las Bodegas in the south of Spain   One of our hobbies, exploring Spain We like to make a nice day trip now

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by Taetske | 3:27 pm

How CRISPR Gene Technology Will Turn Out To Be A Curse

  The danger of CRISPR gene editing technology used in food or even humans   How do I explain, in simple terms, what CRISPR is? It is a DNA cut and paste method where

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by Taetske | 9:24 am

Why Cigarette Butts Are The World Worst Polluters

  Cigarette filters are the most polluting items of all     My first attempts at stopping to smoke I started smoking when I was around 20 years old. Over the years I would

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by Taetske | 1:23 pm

Why The Mediterranean Sea Is Suffering A Waste Overload

Waste is suffocating the Mediterranean Sea     The Mediterranean Sea has a big problem. It is becoming more polluted at an alarming rate. The culprit is well known. It is plastic, which forms

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