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The importance of trees for our planet



A beautiful panorama of our earth.


To find solutions for the disappearing of the Trees is one of the most important and urgent things to do.


The importance of trees

Trees are ever so important to our world. They have a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate.  They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store a large part of this in their tissues. Forests are the habitat of many animals and plants and provide food for fauna and flora. Fruits, seeds, and flowers are the source so life can continue, it is a perfect symbiosis.


Sunbeam in the Forest

Sunbeam in the Forest


Trees as food providers

The fallen leaves provide nutrition for the soil. Trees provide shelter for many animal species and that is also why one should keep the trees safe. Trees have played an important role throughout history, they have functioned as gathering places, for religious services, as magical places and where the elders have told little children the stories of their ancestors.  Sacred Grove– Source: Wikipedia


Destructive Fire

Destructive Fire

The destruction of trees worldwide

I have been writing in the past about the loss of trees, like the Amazon Rainforest, and how it affects our planet. If you wish to read about it you can visit my post, our dependence on the lungs of the world. A disease detected 100 years ago in California, with no cure in sight, has now migrated to Europe. If you wish to read about it, view my post on how to stop the Ebola of the olive tree.

The clearing of trees to provide pasture for cattle, a field for crop cultivation or just the excessive need for wood, all contribute to our world having fewer trees. One would think it is only negative news which reaches the people and seemingly no solutions are found to this problem.

The other factor one should not forget to mention is the enormous fires worldwide. Huge fires in the US and this year also very big fires in Portugal and Spain to just name a few of the southern countries in Europe who suffer each year this problem. To then know that often these fires are started intentionally is more than sad. I was wondering if I would someday read something positive concerning trees and I am happy to tell you I came across some really positive information recently.


A great effort

Recently in India, a tremendous effort was made. In only 12 hours 66 million trees were planted. This happy event took place on 2 July 2017. It was organized by the government of Madhya Pradesh. This happy and enormous planting action was made by 1.5 million voluntaries who planted all these trees of 20 different species along the banks of the Narmada river. The banks of this river were carefully chosen and thought to be the ideal place to guarantee the survival of the young trees.


Wood . cut wood in the forest

Cut Trees in the Forest


The climate treaty of Paris

India is third on the list of carbon dioxide emissions.  During the climate treaty of Paris, it was agreed that India should increase its forests by 5 million hectares by the year 2030 to help combat climate change. India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, in a press conference together with the French president Macron, confirmed his country ’s commitment to the treaty.  He said that the protection of our environment and also Mother Earth is of utmost importance. Sadly the USA backed out of this treaty. Source:


Road in the Forest

A road in the Forest


A big project in Pakistan

In August of 2017, another very important project was completed. This project took place in Pakistan and had the name: Tsunami of the thousand Million Trees. The project was successfully concluded 4 months before the projected completion date and now should be repeated in the whole country.


The politician Imran Khan

The idea came from a cricket player and politician Imran Khan. He wanted to restore the forests in the province which had been reduced considerably by decades of wood cutting. This again caused the whole region to be prone to inundations and earth slides.  In April 2016 heavy showers of rain caused 71 deaths. Mr. Khan said that the melting of the glaciers was due to deforestation in the mountains and that was the reason the project of planting 1000 millions of trees was so important.

When over time the trees absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere the hope is it will influence in a positive way climate change. Pakistan is really vulnerable to climate change and in 2017 it was on place number 10 of countries to be highly affected by long-term changes.



Beautiful Sunset


The fact that these 2 countries have planted so many new trees is an example to follow by all the other countries in the world. Whenever there has been a big fire one should always replace the lost trees. For every forest lost to wood cutting a new forest of young trees should be planted. If everybody would do the same our air would certainly be better and our future generation would have a beautiful planet to live on.

If India and Pakistan can do it all countries can do it too. One should be careful what leaders one should vote for as some are sadly doing the contrary to planting, they prefer cutting the trees to earn money now. They completely forget our future generations who will also need clean air to breathe. Mother nature provides for everything. We should use her gifts with intelligence instead of destroying it. Human interference upsets the balance on our Planet, the only habitat we have.


Source: Positive News, UK.

Photo Source: Pixabay



Perhaps you like to read my post on the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Dependence on the Lungs of the World


M Anand Kumar

Yes Trees are the lungs of the world.
Almost every day we hear many trees being cut or being earmarked for cutting in the name of development.

I am from India and am glad to see that your website mentions about the record breaking efforts of India and Pakistan in planting huge number of Saplings.
Nice photos and good website.

Jan 03.2018 | 07:26 am


    Good morning M Anand Kumar,

    Thank you for visiting my website and reading my post on the trees. It is sad that most people do not realize how important trees are for our world. The same applies for insects, bees, etc. it all forms part of a beautiful plan which should remain in harmony and balance, like that our Earth will survive including us, the human race.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 03.2018 | 07:50 am


It’s great to see that so many countries are starting to take action to protect and grow more trees. Without them we will all become extinct, as we will suffocate in our own carbon dioxide.

What is also saving a lot of trees is the use of email. Regular mail is fast becoming a thing of the past and paperless offices are fast becoming a reality.

I think we have maybe left it a little late, but if everyone works together, I am sure we can get a healthy population of trees again worldwide.

Oct 28.2018 | 03:43 pm


    Good afternoon Michel,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    In old times I used to write letters by hand before getting my computer in 2013. I must admit that receiving a letter is nicer than an email but you are right in saying it does save paper.

    Time is running out and I sincerely hope we can still make a significant contribution to at least slow down global warming.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 28.2018 | 04:27 pm

Riaz Shah

Hey Taetske,

Kudos to Pakistan for initiating the Tsunami of the Thousand Million Trees! It should definitely be applied in all countries too, I keep seeing a lot of trees being cut down and it’s troubling. I live in a small city of Shah Alam in Malaysia, we used to be covered with trees all around as the city was a forest many years back but now, the municipal council has cut everything, even those small trees by the roadside. I know they’re just doing their job but should more trees in the city be a good thing?

Oct 28.2018 | 04:07 pm


    Good afternoon Riaz,

    What a shame the municipal council of your town has cut down all the trees, also the young ones. I hope they will plant new trees in the near future as it will be so beneficial for the air you breathe.

    There are many more projects worldwide where `people plant new trees. I am sending you a link about the story of a 9-year-old boy who has made a big impact on the world..

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards Taetske 

    Oct 28.2018 | 04:22 pm

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