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Mother Earth is burning, what have we done!



Destructive Forest Fire

Destructive Forest Fire


We, as the human race, have a big responsibility. We have to take care of Mother Earth. The environment is our habitat. Nature provides us with food, shelter, water, and air and by using the available resources in an intelligent way, there is enough for everybody. We also have a responsibility towards future generations. The children of your children and their children.


Our environment is disappearing at an alarming rate

Is our behavior responsible? Do we take care of the environment? Sadly we do not, and the telltale consequences are becoming more visible every day. Worldwide, anyone can observe where this “taking care” has definitely gone wrong. The list of our wrongdoings is getting longer every day and some situations have passed the point of no return. Here are a few examples just to show you how sad and awful it has become.

Human greed is a destructive force which can cause uncounted consequences which have an impact on all the inhabitants of this planet. It has an influence on fauna, flora, and you. Everything is related and creation shows us that all of it is important. It is imperative to keep a healthy and often beautiful balance in place. When men interfere and upset this balance, we all will suffer sooner or later.


Gran Canaria inland

Gran Canaria inland


At the moment there are many raging fires across the globe

The famous Canary islands are on red alert as temperatures of 39C (102F) are expected. These islands, which belong to Spain, are far to the south of Spain west of the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Each of these islands have a distinct personality, beauty, and unusual nature, and are a big tourist attraction. During wintertime, the temperatures are very mild which is why wintertime is considered high season for these islands.

Recently a fire broke out in the center of Gran Canaria, which over the past few days, turned out to be a very bad one. It was in the center of the island where the mountainous terrain made it very difficult for the firefighters. Often the fires were nearly inaccessible. 9000 people had to be evacuated twice from their villages.16 aircraft and 1000 firefighters battled the blaze which ruined 10.000 hectares and also burned part of the precious Tamada Natural Park 


Baikal Mountains in Siberia

Baikal Mountains in Siberia


More wildfires this summer

A very bad fire in Siberia is putting Russia on track for having its worst year on record. The smoke was so immense that part of the country was in a haze. This cloud of smoke arrived at major cities like Novosibirsk, and imagine, it even crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived in the United States.

Siberia is huge and normally fires rage until they are extinguished by nature, with the first rains of October or with the first snowfalls.  This time, it was fought but the fire still destroyed 21.000 square miles of forest, an area about the size of Belgium.

Trying to stop this fire was extremely difficult and even the use of bulldozers to create firelines were not always effective. The clearing of vegetation like dry moss and anything combustible might slow down the fire but any wind gust can make a spark fly and the fire continues on the other side of the fireline.


Talkeetna in Alaska

Talkeetna in Alaska


Alaska and its extreme weather condition

When one thinks about Alaska, one does not have a hot climate in mind. Well, this summer it was different as Alaska suffered extreme weather conditions. The capital, Anchorage, registered their hottest June ever and reached a record-breaking 90F (32C) on July 4th. That is more like Spain but for Alaska very unusual.

There was little rain so the whole area was kind of dry, which make people aware climate change is here. These events are no longer sporadic or once in a while, but we must be prepared for these things to happen much more frequently and soon it will be the norm to look out of the window to see smoke and even flames. I have a friend who lives in Alaska who told me that for weeks on end the air was nearly unbreathable.

Alaska has known many big and devastating fires in the past. The big fire of 2004 which burned 6.5 million acres. This year, 2019, fires have, up till now, “only” consumed 2.5 million acres, but the summer is not over yet and till the rains come there is still a high chance of more wildfires.

This is a disturbing YouTube video. What if we Cleared the Amazon? At the rate it is going soon there will not be much left.



The green lung of our world is on fire

When far-right Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil in January 2019, there were many people who feared for the worst. It seems he shares a similarity in worldview together with President Trump, giving priority to big companies above the urgent need to protect the environment.

After all the Amazon is the world biggest lung and produces clean air for the world. Clearing trees to convert the land into pasture for the millions of cattle the world still seems to need for food is reducing the Amazon forest at an alarming rate. Often, the trees are not just cut down but set on fire.  This gives the soil a short term nutrient enrichment due to the ash and minerals left on the soil.

For the past few years, Brasil had shown an understanding of this problem and even actively started protecting this precious part of the world. Now, with this newly elected president, all previously achieved goals come to naught.


Amazon in Brazil

Amazon in Brazil


The president sacked the head of the agency, as there was a fierce disagreement on deforestation data. This is similar to when Mr. Trump fired the director of the EPA. These 2 men think along the same lines. To hell with the environment, let future generations find another place to live, we need to fill our pockets now.

Amazon is burning with an increase of 84% compared to the same period of the last year 2018. Remember that the Amazon is home to three million plant species and animals of which only a small part has been studied. I must also remind the reader of the fact that there are one million indigenous people living there. Where can they go?  The fires are destroying their homes and food sources.

Recently there was a blackout in Sao Paulo. It seems the reason was the smoke of all these Amazon fires, which were 2.700km (1.700 miles) away. Some meteorologists said it was caused by the fires in Paraguay and not in the Amazon region, but the fact remains that smoke can leave a huge city without electricity.

People living in big cities must prepare themselves for the worst. It will only get hotter and dryer. With these men in power, and the trees disappearing, what air will be there to breathe in the future?



As an Afterthought

What are we doing to Mother Earth? All these fires cause greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses make the ice melt faster. The water levels will rise worldwide and people will lose the ground under their feet. Plants and animals will die as their habitat is destroyed. Our waters and air will get so polluted that we have to walk with face masks on and filter or distill our water. Many people in China and Japan are already living like this.  At the rate we are going the whole world might soon be adopting this “new fashion” of wearing face masks.





Personally, I would rather see a regeneration of Mother Earth. Having her shine in her total beauty once more.  Giving us once again the joy of looking at beautiful nature and breathing pure and health-giving air.


Source: The news these last weeks

Photo Source: Pixabay


It is time we speak up and people are doing that worldwide. Have a look at the following post.

Why People Are Fed Up With Their Leaders And Governments






I could not agree more with you about this. The whole situation is utterly terrifying; some days I can’t even bear to read the news because of it all. The recent fires in the Amazon are shocking, but there are many more fires in Africa, namely in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo. The situation is causing this massive public outcry, and yet some of our world leaders don’t even believe in climate change! Scary world we live in right now. I think it’s up to the general public to do something about this, make our voices heard, because our leaders are failing us at the moment. Great article, thank you so much for the intelligent insight!

Aug 26.2019 | 07:20 pm


    Good Morning Ashleigh,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    It is crazy some leaders do not believe in climate change when it is happening in front of their noses. Next time people should choose better leaders that is for sure. Sadly, before that happens a lot more damage is being done to Mother Earth. Did you see the green widget under my photo? bUnited is a world movement which might make a difference. Please have a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 27.2019 | 06:22 am


This article needs to reach everyone possible and I will do good to share this out to the world. It is really disheartening to see mother earth suffering Luke this due to either our ignorance or greed. Different fire outbreaks on heavens wonders. Also, these are great places that are the reason people took notice of them getting burnt. There are countless other places where various fire outbreak occurs almost every time and this is generally y detrimental to us all as humans. Thanks for sharing this article

Aug 26.2019 | 07:25 pm


    Good Morning Ramos,

    Yes, I know, there are many more places that have fires and they do not always make the news on a global level. These last years the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea had a lot of very bad fires and also Germany. There are far too many and these fires destroy beautiful nature and the habitat of many species. 

    Have you seen the green widget save the planet under my photo? Please have a look. You will find a world movement which would be of big help. Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 27.2019 | 06:14 am


I totally agree with you on this one, we are doing mother earth more bad than good and the earth has given us allweve wanted and we are not preserving it. There is no hope for the future the way things are going and I hope that we all can take responsibility of taking care of the earth. The issue with the Amazon is alarming, a friend spoke about the rain that started in the Amazon some days ago but the fire didn’t stop after rain went. The president of Brazil denies starting the fire but locals say otherwise. We really need to preserve the earth.

Aug 26.2019 | 07:27 pm


    Good Morning Henderson,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Yes, all these happenings in our world are alarming and it is high time we do something about it. Did you see the green widget under my photo? bUnited could be the answer to all these problems, please have a look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 27.2019 | 06:07 am

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