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A trip back to my childhood


Tulips in full bloom

Tulips in full bloom


A Kaleidoscope of color and gorgeous smells was awaiting me


Windmill and tulips

Windmill and tulips


After more than 50 years I have revisited a special place in Holland, the world-famous Keukenhof. A spring garden which is a delight for one’s eyes. This huge park of 32 hectares, is beautifully laid out and holds up to seven million tulips beside a variety of other bulb species. Each year more than 1 million people from all over the world visit the Keukenhof.

You will see different areas with a small board describing which bulb nursery provided bulbs for this particular display. There are huge areas around the Keukenhof, even up into Friesland, where you will see the vast fields where the tulip bulbs are growing.


a beautiful park

a beautiful park


The Keukenhof and its history


lovely colors

lovely colors


Castle Keukenhof is situated on a large estate of which the Keukenhof gardens form a part. This vast property is some 230 hectares and comprises forests and agriculture land. The castle was build in 1642 and has known many owners. In 1949 a group of leading flower bulb growers got together with some exporters and decided to create the Keukenhof as a showcase for their beautiful flowers.

In 1950 the park opened its doors for the first time and received 236.000 visitors in that same year. Over the years the Keukenhof has become world-famous attracting visitors from all countries. 20 % of the visitors are Dutch and 40% come from European countries, especially Germany and Belgium. From the US come some 10 % and China has some 8%.

Nowadays 100 bulb companies participate and show their blooming products. They supply the bulbs in autumn to be planted by 40 gardeners in time for the flowering season, which is mid-March to mid-May. Depending on the weather condition the tulips flower around mid-April.


sitting in the flowers

Sitting in the flowers


My experience visiting the Keukenhof


beautiful vieuws

beautiful views


As I said at the beginning of this post, I had not been back for 50 years. While still living at home with my parents, they on having friends staying, often planned a trip to the Keukenhof. It was like a tradition. I always enjoyed going there but over such a long period of time memories do tend to lose some of its colors.

Going back this year in April I relived my childhood memories and my eyes feasted on the colors. As there are so many more visitors than in the old times, the organization has had to grow and now, is really big. It starts when you arrive at the Keukenhof. Having booked for parking and the visit online it was easy. Passing many control posts and on showing our reservation, we were directed to an available parking space.

We arrived at 10.30 and that was early enough to get a good spot because many cars came after us. In other areas, tour buses from all over Europe were parked and the entrance was packed with mingling people. You could hear many different languages and see many different races, often in their national costumes. On entering you can pick up a free map of the park which really helps to find your way around as it is so big.


a prety water cascade

a pretty water cascade


Entering the park


lovely color combinations

Lovely color combinations


We were so lucky, having chosen this particular day for our visit. Holland suffered a week-long little heatwave, up to 27C. On the day we came the weather had changed considerably and the temperatures had dropped to 13C. The heatwave had induced 90% of the tulips to open and our timing could not have been more perfect. We started walking and were greeted by the first beautiful color combination of tulips. Wherever you looked you saw colors and people marveling and enjoying them.

Even if there were so many visitors, I soon noted a very special detail. Everybody being so nice and polite. Nobody was loud and whenever an individual of the slowly forward-moving stream of people stopped to take some photos, the others would patiently wait, to then continue their way. I observed this during the more than 4 hours we walked through the beautiful park. The whole world is present here today and everybody is so nice. I wish the world outside the Keukenhof would be the same.


the information board on the bulb provider

The information board on the bulb provider


The very special layout of the park


combination with other plants

Tulips in combination with other plants


In 1857, landscape architect Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul Zocher redesigned the castle gardens. Later they became the creators of the Vondelpark as well.

While walking, we discovered some lovely corners. A big part of the park had old and tall trees. These trees showed fresh light green colored leaves which attenuated the light, actually ideal for taking photos.

There were big parts with water sections. In the middle was a small island which was not reachable by the public so the water birds had a private place for their nests. Water cascades and fishponds completed the layout. All this was filled with tulip beds in full bloom mixed in with some other types. One could see amazing color combinations where ever you looked. Difficult to decide which were nicer.

The result is masses of photos taken, not one prettier than the other. We walked for more than 4 hours absorbing this natural wonder. In the park, you will find an enclosed exposition hall with beautiful flower arrangements, various souvenir shops, and restaurants.


a happy duck living in de Keukenhof

a happy duck living in the Keukenhof




lovely land scaping

lovely landscaping


The Keukenhof is situated near Lisse, in the province of South Holland. This does not mean in the south of Holland. It is more in the middle of the upper half of Holland on the Westside. If you plan to visit Holland, I would really recommend you to visit in the springtime as a visit to this beautiful park is an absolute must.



Source: Wikipedia and the official website of the Keukenhof
Photo Source: Private

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Juan Rojas

Wow, wow, wow, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”””’

May 24.2018 | 05:05 pm


    Good evening Juan,

    It seems you like my post on de Keukenhof, I am happy to hear that. It definitely is wow and also beautiful, well worth a trip to Holland if I may say so.
    Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see you again.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 24.2018 | 06:20 pm

terri dixon

Truly a beautiful treasure, isn’t life truly wonderful where you can sit in your living room and visit Holland and its beautiful tulips at the same time. Thank you for sharing this beautiful flower garden and wonderful landscape. Would have loved to had visited this garden when I was younger , never knew there was so many different colors of tulips and the multi colors are breath taking . Thanks again for sharing such a wonderous website.

Jul 04.2018 | 07:39 pm


    Good Morning Terri,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. Yes, the Keukenhof is a really wonderful and magical place. The array of colors is nearly overwehlming, one does not know where to look first. Even if there were so many people as everybody behaved so nicely it was hardly disturbing and one could enjoy in peace. I do hope you will be able to visit this beautiful park in the future. Please feel free to ask any questions about visiting Holland.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 05.2018 | 06:07 am


Hi Taetske – thanks for sharing this inspirational article. The accompanying photographs are absolutely gorgeous, tulips are one of my favourite flowers. I have actually visited Holland twice but stayed in Amsterdam, so the nearest thing to this I experienced was a visit to the flower market. Definitely, a place I will be adding to my wish list. All the best, Diane 

Jan 06.2019 | 03:20 pm


I actually lived/studied in Holland in my twenties – I finished off my music studies there for two and a half years in Amsterdam. 

On occasion I did hear about the Keukenhof castle and it’s surrounding gardens, but myself and my partner never found the time to visit (unfortunately). 

It must have been wonderful to see it all again after 50 years – had much changed in the area?

Jan 06.2019 | 03:20 pm


    Good Morning Chris,

    That is really a shame you were not able to visit the Keukenhof during your two and a half years in Amsterdam. 

    Certainly, things have changed in Holland, I would say more people and traffic. We visited Veenedaal where my Father used to work. The office building and water tower had disappeared and the main street where cars used to drive is now a pedestrian/shopping area. This has happened in many towns in Holland.

    Even if it is a lot crowdier than in old times you will still be able to find unspoiled nature areas which are a joy to visit. Thank you for leaving a comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 07.2019 | 07:37 am

Dave Sweney

This was a beautiful post on your revisit to the Keukenhof Garden…Of course, it is also a beautiful place, as evidenced by the images you have included. I was there many years ago (in the early 80s) and it was a visit that holds memories to this day. I also have some pictures somewhere of that visit.

I would love to go back there again as you did, and one day hopefully that will be possible. It sounds like for you it was a memorable time, and I am sure it would be for me as well. As I remember it, it was a really popular place all those years ago, and apparently, it remains so based on the number of visitors it gets every year.

There are also a lot of other places to see while in The Netherlands, and most can be included in a 4-5 day visit to the country. I may plan something like this, especially in the Spring the country has so much to enjoy! Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, we are all better for having the chance to read this article!

Jan 06.2019 | 03:26 pm


    Good Morning Dave,

    What a nice surprise to see you back after such a long time. I hope you have been keeping well.

    Holland is a small country but packed with lovely things. We left in April of 2018 and were so lucky with the weather.

    We spend 14 days and somehow were a bit exhausted by all the visits, 2000km on the road and 6 hotels. We also met with Loes and Michelle, I will pass the link on my post. As I left Holland at the age of 15 I used to go home for Christmas. Later on, many years would pass between visits.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 07.2019 | 07:26 am


What a beautiful place! I visited Holland when I was 10, many years ago, and vaguely remember the tulips. My favorite flowers are tulips (my husband buys me some every year for Mother’s Day) – I may have to suggest that we travel to Keukenhof one year for Mother’s Day to experience this in person!

Jan 06.2019 | 03:27 pm


    Good Morning Madison,

    I think that is a splendid idea to go to the Keukenhof and celebrate Mothers Day. Keep the right time of the year in mind so you can see all the tulips in full bloom.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 07.2019 | 07:20 am


Sure those tulips look very beautiful and they grace that garden very well I believe it should one of must-visit site when we come to Holland and look at those  beautiful and well-manicured flowers so 50 yrs without visiting your  hometown u must have missed home very much looks like you really had fun

Jan 06.2019 | 03:28 pm


    Good Morning Charles,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment.I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I had been back to Holland a couple of times but the Keukenhof was more than 50 years ago. Fond memories. Indeed I had a lot of fun during this holiday in 2018.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 07.2019 | 07:20 am

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