by Taetske | 8:08 pm

Has Climate Change a Negative Impact on Genetics?

  Genetics and Climate, is there a connection? Climate Change is altering the behavior of birds and even genetic changes can be observed. An article recently published in my Spanish newspaper Sur, really makes you

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by Taetske | 4:54 pm

How to stop the Ebola of the Olive Tree

  Xylella Fastidiosa. It seems this bacterium is unstoppable   The discovery of this plague Mr. Newton B. Pierce who lived from 1856-1916 was California’s first professional plant pathologist. He discovered this pathogenic bacterium

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by Taetske | 11:16 am

Urgent! Are our Future Generations at Risk?

Our Future Generations are at Risk   Far-reaching consequences for our future generations I came across some really disturbing news lately. It has to do with our future generations, they seem to be at

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by Taetske | 11:07 am

Global Warming: some unsettling Happenings in our World

The Ice is melting and We are in for some Unsettling Surprises     The words Global Warming, or Climate change one hears wherever one goes. There are many people who shrug their shoulders

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by Taetske | 6:35 pm

Our Dependence on the Lungs of the World

The disappearance of the valuable Rainforest   The following is a NASA video showing the rate of deforestation and includes a soundtrack.   The diminishing of the Rainforest It is a sad fact that

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by Taetske | 4:00 pm

Alert! Amazing Day in the Life of Our Planet

Earth Day!   A day in the life of our Planet, the only place where we can live up until now.     Save Energy 1. How about turning off all the electrical devices

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