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The danger of CRISPR gene editing technology used in food or even humans


How do I explain, in simple terms, what CRISPR is? It is a DNA cut and paste method where one rearranges DNA components. Technically, this is not the same as the original GMO method which cut genes from different species and places the genes into the target species.

Monsanto originally modified the soybean by inserting a gene from a fungus tolerant to Roundup, into the soybean genome. This is called “transgenic,” for transfer of genes. The CRISPR method cuts and pastes genes from the same organism and (in the US) is not considered a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

However, the EU Court of Justice has ruled that plants created using novel genome editing methods will be classed as genetically modified organisms and therefore have to follow the strict EU guidelines for GMOs.

To me, it sounds like playing God and the outcome is not known. What are the future consequences of doing this? Humans are always trying to improve on nature and in our modern world there are enough bad examples of human mistakes to make us actually stop, but that is not happening.


crops being sprayed

Crops being sprayed


What are Frankenfoods?

I have written in the past about Frankenfoods. You will probably already have heard about them and how they have invaded our daily life yet we are not really conscious about it. A lot of foods we eat are made with genetically modified ingredients and we do not know what these type of foods do to our health in the long run.


DNA close-up

DNA close-up


The first food which had a gene change

The first genetically modified food to hit the market was the FLAVR SAVR tomato in 1994. You may ask how scientists modified this tomato? Normally produce is picked while still green and artificially ripening by ethylene treatment once they reach the stores. This is done so that it can be transported longer distances and not get overripe.

That is a shame as, when it is not picked ripe,  it has not completely developed all the good things a sun-ripened fruit can have. The researchers found the gene which is responsible for ripening and introduced a “reverse orientation copy of the gene” which allowed the plant to be harvested when ripe but not soften as quickly.

This improved freshness, a better flavor, and the fruit would spoil less. Even if this product was in high demand it never became a profitable event because of the high production and distribution cost. To me, it sounds very much as interfering with a natural process which has served humanity since the beginning of agriculture.



How Monsanto uses CRISPR to wiggle out of the responsibility for GMO labeling

Monsanto is now using  CRISPR technology to alter the genome of the horrible Frankenfoods they are creating. It is standing on the shelves of your supermarket and without realizing it you might be eating it every day. The problem is that organisms altered with CRISPR technology are not technically classified as GMOs.

Instead of using genes from different species, engineers at Monsanto used tissue culture selection and a chemical mutagen to modify the gene. Technically, this is not the same method and is how Monsanto and other large food producers can escape GMO restrictions (so far).


Know the companies you buy your food from

Here comes a link to a very extensive list where you can see the companies to avoid and their related products. These are GMO Supporting Food Companies you better avoid. I am afraid the list is long and might not be easy to remember when you go shopping.

Technology is coming to your aid with a very clever App. Buycott – Barcode Scanner and QR Bar Code Scanner. You could download that on your phone and have the information always at your finger tips.


twin-sisters in the hospital

Twin-sisters in the hospital


How about some genetically modified children?

Science has not stopped at making Frankenstein foods, which are bad for our health. No, science is always marching forward and is now working to genetically edit children. I do not know if you heard this story about the Chinese scientist who did just that.

In late November of 2018, this news spread like a wildfire and shocked people worldwide. Chinese scientist He Jiankui declared he was involved in the birth of the first genetically edited children.


The side effect of this experiment

The reason why this was done in the first place was to protect the babies from HIV. When this became known worldwide it caused quite a shock also in the scientific community. Not everybody liked the idea. Would we have the ability, with this cut and paste procedure, to modify our offspring to ensure they are male, or that they have blue eyes or small noses?

How far do you think people would go to make sure their children are beautiful? Scientists estimate that there are around 20.000 genes in our DNA strand.  Do we know what each one does? Do we know that there isn’t a requirement for a duplicate to be located in more than one location for the gene to be successful? More importantly, do we know for certain that this modification won’t cause serious harm?

There is a reason to believe that the brain of these twin girls might have been changed as a side effect after their genes were modified before birth by the new editing tool CRISPR.  Tests in mice have shown that after going through the same procedure they became smarter. This could mean the girls might do very well at school.


laboratory work

Laboratory work


The University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen becomes famous

He Jiankui is an associated professor at the China Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen. After the widespread reaction, he put his future work on hold. Since then China has tightened the rules on gene editing in humans and scientists and institutions could expect severe penalties if they should break those new rules.

The reason to not make the girls suffer like their father was why Professor He Jiankui tried this experiment, that is at least what he told the press. China was not happy with it and he might well see a trial and perhaps face imprisonment. Even if most scientists think it is too early for these type of manipulations there are scientists who support him. The scientific community is afraid that this uncontrolled action can influence the future investigation on genetically modified babies. Time will tell.



There is not sufficient data available to reassure us that all this fiddling with nature will not end with having disastrous effects for the environment and our foods supply. We already experience a sharp decline in the overall health of the population.

To start modifying humans is taking the CRISPR technology quite some steps further. If the scientific community does not abide by the highest ethical principles in the future, our earth could be populated by a new Frankenstein race. Let us hope it will not happen.



Source: NaturalHealth365, an article written by Dena Schmidt, staff writer, December 10, 2018

Photo Source: Pixabay


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Kelly Smith

This is a very interesting article.  I remember hearing about the girls DNA being modified, and it made me think about the ethical and moral issues we will face if we continue on this journey of modification. We can’t mess with nature and expect it to go well. Nature has always won…

In regards to the food, I can understand to a certain extent why some of them may be modified such as the tomatoes to keep them from going bad too soon…but at the same time, if we could grow our own veggies and fruits, we could avoid the issues with gmo as well. 

May 06.2019 | 07:53 pm


    Good Morning Kelly,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Yes, nature normally wins. As we do not know the consequences this fiddling might have I would prefer it not to happen. In our world, there are already too many examples of human intervention gone wrong.

    I live on an organic farm since 1981 and am happy I can grow quite a lot of things myself so I know what I eat, well, most of the time. A little sin now and then is allowed but on the whole, I eat healthy food.

    Regards, Taetske 

    May 07.2019 | 06:41 am


oh my God!  This is an eye opener. But what I do not understand is why these scientist still go ahead with such procedures even when they know the consequences attached. Science is supposed to help improve and  enhance human life not destroy it. Authorities that are supposed to check these things need to be up and doing. So many health hazards these days. Who knows where they are coming from?  God help us. Thank you for sharing 

May 16.2019 | 10:52 am


    Good afternoon Owillz,

    That is a good question. I really do not think that scientists have as their main aim, our wellbeing in mind. Of course, there are very good scientists who come up with great discoveries which do help humans but often Big Pharma steps in and that is the beginning of the end. You are right, modern life holds many dangers. The best thing we can do is to be informed.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    May 16.2019 | 01:58 pm


Thank you for the article and the useful information in it. It is really terrible what mankind can do either for financial reasons or maybe for scientific ’improvement’. I agree with you that nobody should be allowed to play the role of God! It should be understood, that it might be dangerous and you are right only future will prove it. Maybe it will be late then? I hope there are many people among us who realize that we are responsible for our future, what we’ll get in the future highly depends on what we are doing today. So if we eat unhealthy food, we’ll be unhealthy on the long term! Thank you again for sharing this.

May 16.2019 | 10:55 am


    Good afternoon Agnes,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Having 2 websites for more than 2 years have made me more conscious of what is happening in our world. My world view has changed quite a bit and I realize now that we are responsible for most of the big messes on our planet. The old saying you will reap what you sow says it all.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 16.2019 | 01:38 pm

Sylvia Mann

Hi, Taetske,
I appreciate your article on this subject and I wasn’t aware, yet, of CRISPR. I still deal with GMO foods trying to avoid them as much as I can, but as you already know it isn’t always that easy to do.
I will further inform myself about CRISPR and, especially, what it does when the genes are being edited before birth, like with these Twin babies.

For some reason, however, I am not really shocked about this messages since I always suspected to hear about, something like this, in the near future anyway. It is the time we are living in and I really don’t like to know, and yet, I actually do like to know what is going on in all these “secret” Labs around the world?

What are they capable of when mixing genes, editing them, and more. Is there already a “real” Jurassic Park somewhere or some “super human” soldier? Well, I believe in higher powers and I know for sure that everything will come out for us to know and to act upon responsibly.

The information about the Apps to scan the Bar-Codes of products exists for a few years now, but since I don’t carry one of these smartphones, I am unable to use it. However, I have heard from friends that it is a great tool and they using it each time they go shopping, to make sure what they buy is what they want.

Thank you, Taetske your article has given me something to look deeper into it.
Namaste & Higs

May 17.2019 | 09:30 pm


    Good Morning Sylvia,

    Nice to see you again. Thank you for your comment.

    We really should be informed about what is going on in our world but I wonder if we will ever be. Too much manipulation is going on behind the scenes. To tell you the truth I think we are being told not more than 10% and then one must ask how much is true of that 10%.

    The less we, the people, know the easier we are to manipulate, pushed in this or that direction at the whim and convenience of a few, not always visible “leaders”.

    The changing of our foods, on top of spraying it with pesticides is a crime and I am happy that now finally those court cases against Monsanto have started. Bayer will be sorry, no, they are already sorry they bought Monsanto as it could very well mean their complete ruin.

    Trying to improve people on a genetic level is quite crazy. Why do we not clean up Mother Earth to start with? Having a well functioning and clean environment to live in, clean water and air, no radiation, etc. humans would be a lot healthier. Then there would be no need for chemical medicine which harms us and for sure no need to modify us on a genetic level.

    All the best, Taetske

    May 18.2019 | 07:05 am

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