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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2021)


Our Future Generations are at Risk


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Far-reaching consequences for our future generations

I came across some really disturbing news lately. It has to do with our future generations, They seem to be at risk. You might be thinking this post will be on Global Warming and of course not taking care of our Planet will make it impossible for future generations to live here. But there are other dangers that seem to make it difficult for the Human race to survive.

Our Water, Soil, Air, and also our Food are filled with Toxic Pollutants which will not only harm us and the lives of our children but it has a far more reaching effect on the following generations than was initially believed.


Pregnant woman watching sunset

Pregnant woman watching the sunset image Dan Evans


Chemicals and unborn babies

EWG and other researchers in the last 10 years have shown as a proven fact that all these awful toxic chemicals which form part of our daily life can reach unborn babies through the umbilical cord.

Not only are we responsible for the lives of our babies after they are born, but also during the 9 months of pregnancy. Some people might even say for a long time before getting pregnant, one should prepare one’s body for this big event.

Studies have shown that these chemicals do not only harm us and our children, they even may change on a genetic level and alter their functions for future generations. These future generations might not come into direct contact with these chemicals, but they will suffer the consequences of their ancestors having been exposed.

This is called a transgenerational effect.





A change in the human race, how we know it

Epigenetics–This is the study of chemical markers which attach to DNA and by doing so changes the way the DNA functions. If there are epigenetic changes not only in eggs but also in sperm that will mean that the future generations of Human Beings will differ from what we know today.

Normally, epigenetic markers are being reset from one generation to the next, but what happens if the egg and sperm markers have been changed? It will pass on erroneous information onto the next generation to then be repeated again. Perhaps, in the long run, a Human from the future would not recognize people from the past as his or her ancestor.





To be a passive smoker

We have all heard the term Passive Smoker. It does not only affect the person who smokes, but also the people surrounding this person, including animals which live with us. Nowadays there are more dangers in the form of chemicals over which one has hardly a say.

Only you are the one who decides what to eat. Water and air are more difficult to decide on as others normally do that for us.

The same applies to radiation. It is difficult to stay clear of it completely as we ourselves produce it and it is also present all around us. It is getting more and more difficult to stay healthy as the world we live in has a huge impact on our health and that of future generations.

Already now one sees more children which are diagnosed with neurological and behavioral conditions, more than in the past.

This is because we are more exposed to dangerous pollutants during gestation and even exposure in the time before conception. That is why we have to live as clean as possible less the Human Race disappears in the form we know it.


Overgrown castle ruin

Overgrown castle ruin image Lisa Baker


No Human Race

How would the world look without us, very different? It would look peaceful, no pollution of any kind, and nature would take over so fast, soon overgrowing all we have done and made.

Still, our future generations could live on our beautiful planet as Human Beings who respect their own bodies and the environment. Now if we don’t, it does not look too bright, I think.

The following video shows our destructive behavior and I think the end of this video illustrates our righteous punishment. The world is better off without us.



Every time I look at this video, and I have seen it multiple times, I am amazed we did not see this coming. If we mend our ways, we might still make it, but there is extremely little time left.


A book with a fresh perspective on the world we create

Fred Guterl, the author of this book, is executive editor of Scientific American. A lot may happen which could wipe out humanity. Like the avian flu, or the rise of the sea levels. How about technological inventions? The possibilities are manifold.

Now do not think this is a scary or even apocalyptic book. Humans are capable of great things. Let us hope common sense will prevail.

Why the Human Race May Cause Its Own Extinction and How We Can Stop It


An Afterthought

Some years have passed since I wrote this post, and many things have happened. The world is upside down. Our whole society, the things we took for granted, have been altered or have disappeared. There are rumors to mandatory vaccinate the world population. Scientist and doctors have raised their voices protesting this dangerous idea.

Every year millions of people get a flu shot and one wonders that after doing it for so long the flu always comes back. With Covid-19 it is even getting more serious. To be vaccinated with substances that have not been tested is very risky. On top comes, that one cannot sue these companies legally.

One also hears the claim our DNA could be altered through these vaccines. The more I hear, the more I am convinced that at this rate we are going, it will be extremely difficult for the human race to survive as we know it.

I have made a collection of things which I find interesting and helpful. Have a look at Recommendations, I hope you will find something of your interest too.


Source: EWG 13 July 2017, article by Sonya Lunder

Photo Source: Pixabay


Modern life seems to be full of helpful things, but often the side effects are not taken into account. Perhaps you care to read this post too. Please have a look.

The Extinction of the Human Race, is that Possible?


Magnus A. L. Mulliner

Many thanks for sharing Taetske,
It does seem like we’re making a big mess in and on our Heaven – Mother Earth.
There is much research to back this up as you’ve shared and I recently read that man has created over 82,000 chemicals of which only a small fraction has been tested and most are completely toxic to humans and animals!
So, what to do?
I believe that as I grow and gain further information, I also can apply (that’s the key part – taking action!) my knowledge and become more RESPONSIBLE – That is able to respond differently. How cool is that? How empowered am I, to change my course, so that I ‘sleep better’ at night in the knowing that I did my part!
How does that look?
I’m aware that research shows (as you’ve touched on above) mothers are producing more female babies. Wow! How come? Well, a few ideas are due to BPA/plastics in our drinking water and of course birth control pills and the list goes on which are all endocrine disruptors. Knowing that means I get to ‘vote’ by choosing (one must become conscious to truly choose!) to buy and use only glass and or stainless steel to house my daily water.
The crux of my message is, I can and do my best at making my daily distinctions in alignment with my new-found knowledge.
I don’t wait to become a medical statistic or until I could be labelled as disabled, I ACT NOW.
All too often I see and hear people say, when our respective government does this/that, when our dis-ease management system/Dr’s do the other, then I’ll fall in line! The challenge I have with this is, all waiting causes suffering on some level. So, I act in alignment with my ‘Core Values’ (which are aspects in my life pertaining to things that I will or will not stand for).
What else could I do to bring further balance in my life, which as a ‘side effect’ will assist Mother Earth?
I don’t drive a diesel car. I don’t consume processed (General mills made…) products, only local, season, real FOODS. I do my best to recycle any plastics I do purchase. I don’t buy plastic water bottles. I have caballed our home so we don’t add to the ‘dirty electricity’ / WiFi. I think globally, but I act locally. I’ve gotten to know some local farmer’s and buy from them and I could go on.
The fact is, I’m living my DREAM, as opposed to my parents, peers, pedagogical figure heads and I keep learning and growing each day, by asking myself. How can I or what can I do to leave this place better than when I arrived? What can I do new today to assist Mother Earth?
My power can come from a smart question, which allows be to ultimately become the change I wish to see, feel and hear in this amazing world.
Essential point: – Health is a CHOICE, to the degree I am MINDFUL about my ‘programmed beLIEf’s’.
Thank you again.
Yours in health and in happiness,
Magnus A. L. Mulliner

Oct 19.2017 | 02:03 pm


    Good afternoon Magnus,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving this long and interesting comment.

    When one reads this staggering figure you mention of 82.000 chemicals one should start to doubt the “intelligence” of the human race. You talk about taking responsibility and I am so pleased to read this. I think only a fraction of the people think like that and even less are willing to take action.
    Being informed, which actually is our duty, is the first step in the right direction. Do not always believe what you are told, investigate to go to the bottom of the issue. Sadly nowadays it is too often the human greed which comes first without taking our health and also future in consideration.
    Even if a lot of things a presented to us without the possibility to change them we still have the option to demonstrate our dislike by not buying it, eating and drinking it etc.

    I like your list of things you don’t do. I also like your list of what you do to improve the health of Mother Earth, I wished there were more people like you. You are a shiny example for all of us showing how each of us on a personal level can contribute to making our planet a better place for all.

    In the hope to see you again, I am sending you my best wishes.

    Oct 20.2017 | 04:13 pm


    Good afternoon Magnus,

    I forgot the Regards, Taetske, mea culpa.

    Oct 20.2017 | 04:15 pm

Tim Bennett

We seem to be the only species on earth that systematically sets out to destroy itself.

We pride ourselves on being so smart, smart enough to fly to other planets, but not smart enough to put a glass of water on a table in many parts of the world.

It is so sad to see the world transforming to a massive trash can over the last 30 or 40 years and governments spending billions on the arms race, yet so little on cleaning the planet, we love.

I cannot believe the stupidity of so many people, who seem to no longer care about anything other than themselves.

I hope your website reaches more people and touches them to go clean.

Well done.

Tim Bennett

Sep 26.2018 | 02:34 am


    Good afternoon Tim,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving this comment. I cannot agree with you more, we, humans, are horrible.

    You mention water, we all need it but we pollute it, unbelievable! Mother Earth provides enough for everybody but it should all be more fairly distributed. I often get the impression there is a battle going on in the world. The battle for good or bad. At the moment one gets the impression bad too often wins. Still, there is also good news on various fronts. Planting new trees, cleaning up the oceans, finding ways of growing more healthy crops. 

    We can all do some things on a personal level. Take care to not use too much water, reduce the use of plastics etc. I do get the impression there are more and more people “waking up”. We have to start thinking outside of our homes. Think of your community, city, country, start thinking worldwide. We are after all one big family.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 26.2018 | 04:00 pm

Jacob Highley

Wow, convicting and convincing. I hadn’t known about the effects of “casual or passive smoking”. This is very enlightening!

I do agree more people need to be aware of the problems and issues that are arising with our future generations! Too many people are going through life and have no clue about the terrible problems that will follow them down the line!

Thanks for the post, very interesting read!

Feb 06.2019 | 05:58 pm

Seun Afotanju

Thanks for this informative review,  it just done on me now that man is the problem to itself, we as individuals don’t really care about the next person next to us, all we care about is ourselves which isn’t right the rate of pollution in the world right is so high and nothing is done about it. companies who only care about maximizing profit and don’t care about human health needs to see this post as well. I just wish the world would be a better place.

Feb 06.2019 | 06:04 pm


Our future generations are really at risk, the world could really be a better place and clean one without humans , we really have contributed a to pollution OK all sorts of kinds mostly because we need money , I really have seen the effects of pollution on some babies and it is really hectic.I really do agree with you the next generation to come wil really suffer from the things we have done.

Feb 06.2019 | 06:07 pm


according to that video things don’t look that great at all for the human race in the future .but we are as men are the root evil of what is to come for our own blatant ignorance of the nature and the I will concur  with  you that our future generations are risk and ony us who are living to day can change that fact or else human race as we know it will be extint I very few hundreds of years. So yes our own kind is at risk.

Feb 06.2019 | 06:08 pm


It hurts how some young people face kidney problems, not because they destroyed it with their habit, but their ancestors prepared bad organs for them.The awareness about transgenic products is quite low, but through contents like this, the message will reach some people.I am going to share this on social media, it is a public concern.

Feb 06.2019 | 06:13 pm


Thank you for this great post. Honestly I have this feeling that human race is an endangered specie. We produce a lot if chemicals which are very toxic and harmful to our existence Carbon pollution is on the rise even the issue of global warming is even a big threat. We need to take all measures to protect our environment for the future. 

Feb 06.2019 | 06:13 pm


Wow Taetske, I enjoyed reading your write up about our plant earth and impact of pollution. Most people believe in the climate change and some people are already doing something to make a change but may be not enough is being done. As you rightly pointed out that some of these factors are not under our control. Sometimes it could be act of negligence on our path, other times it could be situations we could not control. Thanks for sharing how this could genetically be damaging to us and next generation of humans and animals as well. But I think the planet will not be better without humans because that was the planners intent, that humans inhabit the earth till His time comes.

Feb 06.2019 | 06:14 pm

Anthony Hu


Thank you for your caring message. We are living in a world full of dangerous substances. I just paid a visit in China and am sad to tell you that the pollution is very serious. The entire day the sky is full of fog and there is bad smell in the air.

All of us have to take action to prevent this from further developing. Our next generation live in such environment, which cause a number of diseases, particularly in diseases of respiratory system. In the long term, it may cause genetic disruption, as you mentioned.

You are right that our next generation is living such in challenging conditions that their health is at great risk.

Let’s work together to better future.


Feb 06.2019 | 06:18 pm


Thank you for the beautiful post Taetske. I think I’ve really gained a lot from your post, but in my opinion it all comes down to us been too selfish, we don’t care about anything except ourselves. I live in Nigeria and in my country people don’t regard destruction of the environment as any thing important, in fact the situation is so bad that instead of an individual to walk a short distance to dump his or her refuse properly, he or she  would rather just throw it in an uncompleted building across his or her fence. That’s how bad it is. But I believe though that the upcoming generations will be better than us because, there is more awareness which wasn’t there previously 

Feb 06.2019 | 06:21 pm


    Good evening Nathaniel,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I live in the south of Spain and over the years I have noticed a change. People get more conscious about world problems. You can see that with the wastewater being cleaned. The house waste sorted and prepared for recycling. All this looks good but it will not be enough. Our world has many problems and more are added. I recently wrote a post. I will send you the link.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 06.2019 | 09:02 pm


Well written article. It is a harsh reality that people are in fact ruining the planet and changing our species in the process. It scares me to think of what this earth will be like when our younger generation is grown and in charge. 

Technology is wonderful, but when lack of respect for our surroundings, and careless actions follow the lazy entitlement behavior that is too prevalent now days, it certainly causes one to reconsider it’s worth. Our society’s over-use of chemicals and unnecessary synthesized products and ingredients is mind boggling. 

I do believe that a very large percentage of the population desires better, and thus we are seeing change in certain areas, but it will take a lot more action. I always say it is better to do something right the first time, then to have to try to fix it later. Unfortunately, in the world of science, where discoveries are made by trial and error, we often see the ramifications much too late. I think more are seeing clearly now that (sadly) there are some serious problems in our environment and people. Your article brings forth needed ongoing discussion!

Feb 06.2019 | 06:42 pm


    Good evening Cris,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    In the world, one can see many positive movements of people who are recognizing the dangers we have created. Advancing on a technological level might seem good in many aspects but it is not all good. We will have to pay a heavy price, our health and ultimately with our life. Many do not know about this and if they do will say nothing can be done. I do think we can do something but it will only have an effect if it is globally. I have written about it, I will send you the link.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 06.2019 | 09:20 pm


WOW very insightful, it’s scary to think of what kind of world our future generation would live in. Thank you for creating awareness about this. I think if more people talk about this and outline the dangers, many people would be enlightening and start doing the right thing.

We cannot continue to create a mess and live it for the future generation to suffer from it. I would want my future babies to live in a toxin free world.

Aug 29.2020 | 12:05 am


    Good Morning Charisma,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I do think that many people are waking up to the fact that like this we cannot continue. There are many worldwide movements you can join to help. Take a look on the sidebar. The green widget Save the Planet is a very helpful organization you can be a part of. It does not cost anything to join and you will be doing something for your future babies.

    Regards, Taetske

    Aug 29.2020 | 06:39 am

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