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Beautiful nature colors on my organic farm


Bougainvillea blossom

Bougainvillea blossom


In 1981 I bought a ruin in the south of Spain

That is where my life adventure started. It has not always been easy, but over the years I have transformed this place into a beautiful finca, which means farmhouse. When I moved to this place, it was already 150-years old.

The walls are very thick, 50 centimeters and the windows are small. That means in the hot Andalusian summer where it sometimes reaches 40C outside, inside the house, it stays nice and cool. In 1998 I built an addition keeping with the old style, creating a new entrance and bedroom.

There were quite a few stables that were on the verge of collapsing, so I had to dismantle and remove them. I kept the feeding troughs, and after filling them with soil, I put different plants. The nice thing is that most of the time you can cut off a small piece, stick it in the ground and it will grow. Over the years, many things were planted and have grown huge.

I sadly lost the 8 old palm trees to the palm weevil plaque. They needed to be sprayed every second month, but I could not keep up with the cost. The fact is that the chemicals used in this process are harmful.


3 Big Palm Trees behind the Fishpond

3 Big Palm Trees behind the Fishpond


I had 3 old and enormous palm trees standing together behind a fishpond which I build in 1982. I had the pond covered during the spraying and kept the cover on for a few days. Like that, I was sure the palm trees were not dripping anymore.

Three weeks later it rained a lot and suddenly all the goldfish died in the pond. I tried to save them by taking them out and putting them in clean water, but for most, it was too late.


Oranges and Orange Blossom

Oranges and Orange Blossom


In 1986 I planted 100 orange trees, 6 mandarins, 3 grapefruits, and 3 lemons. These trees yield a good harvest and besides eating citrus fruits 7 months of the year, I sell them to friends on the coast.


Being a nature person

I am a nature person and love to observe what is going on. Looking at fauna and flora, you can discover a lot of things. I would like to take you on a tour over the property and show you the lovely colors nature delights us with.


Purple Bougainvillea

Purple Bougainvillea



You will find this lovely bush in most countries. There are many different colors, but it has a lot of thorns. When you prune it, you have to be careful as the wounds do not heal so fast. The sap can cause skin rashes.


Light pink Boegainvillea

Light Pink Bougainvillea


Philibert Commercon was probably the first European to describe this plant. He was a botanist who accompanied Navy admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville on a trip to circumnavigate the Earth. Its existence was first published in 1789 by Antoine Laurent de Jussieu.


The Pergola on the Patio

The Pergola on the Patio


On the property, I have planted many bougainvilleas of different colors. I also used it in my pergola on the patio. This bougainvillea is very old as I planted it in 1983, the same as the one standing in front of the kitchen. The cats use it to climb on top of the pergola and lay there, having a siesta.

It is easy to grow them, but you have to carefully think about the place where to plant them. They will need a strong support system as the stem and head can get huge and heavy.


Catalpa Blossom

Catalpa Blossom


The Catalpa tree also called the Mosquito tree – Catalpa Ligno

These trees like warm climates and subtropical regions. In addition to Spain, they can be found in North America, the Caribbean, and East Asia. Because of its big leaves, many birds like it as it provides good shelter when it rains or is windy.

I introduced 3 Catalpa trees in the garden. They developed each in their own way. The flowers are big and gorgeous. After many years one is huge, the second is a kind of medium size. Then there is the smallest one of the 3 standing on the patio.


Pink and White Adelfa

Pink and White Adelfa


Adelfa or Oleander – Nerium oleander

This plant is very poisonous, and they forbid the sale for medicinal purposes to the public. When animals eat the leaves, they can get very sick and even die. This could be horses, cows, sheep, or goats.


Close-up of White Adelfa

Close-up of White Adelfa


These bushes grow next to the driveway and along the entrance road and produce lovely white, light pink, and dark pink flowers. Every 4 to 5 years we cut them down to approx 50 centimeters above the ground, as after some years their branches bend over and form a tunnel and one can hardly pass anymore.


Jacaranda at the entrance

Jacaranda at the entrance


Jacaranda – Jacaranda mimosifolia

This is a sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America, but over time they have planted it in many other countries. The blossoms have a lovely pale indigo color and when they fall on the ground form a colored carpet.


Jacaranda Blossom

Jacaranda Blossom


The hard pods have an unusual shape and are often used as Christmas decorations and also in dried arrangements. The wood has a pretty pattern and no knots and is ideal for bowl carving.

When the dried powdered Jacaranda is mixed in water extracts, it has shown a high antimicrobial action in vitro against Escherichia coli, Bacillus cereus, and Staphylococcus.


Nispero fruit

Nispero Fruit


The Nispero tree – Nispero Ligno

The Loquat is native to the cooler hill regions of China to south-central China. We find it in other countries such as Japan, Korea, and the hilly regions of India. Also in the foothill regions of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and in some Northern parts of the Philippines.

It also grows in many Mediterranean countries and warmer parts of the U.S. They often mentioned the loquat in Chinese literature, as in the poems of Li Bai. In Spain, the fruits are called Nisperos, and Spain is the largest producer worldwide.

This is a nice fruit tree with bright orange smallish fruits which have a slightly sour taste. Inside there are 1, 2, or 3 pips or sometimes more, and one should not swallow them. Michael got sick and was in bed for one day having cramps.

Later on, when he had recovered, we found out that this pip produces cyanide when attacked by the gastric juices. I have also swallowed these pips by mistake, but my stomach must be strong as I did not notice any adverse effects.


El Arbol del Amor

El Arbol del Armor


El Arbol del Amor or the tree of Love – Cercis siliquastrum or Judas- tree

They introduced it to Europe during the crusades (in 1200), with the first country to receive them being France. From there it rapidly spread to other countries. During the Byzantine Empire, this tree was the most prolific growing in Constantinople, along the bank of the Bosphorus. Even nowadays you will encounter this tree often in Istanbul.

I planted this tree in front of the house on the south side. When it blossoms with its beautiful dark pink flowers, you know spring is here. Over the years it has become a beautiful enormous tree. The bark finds use in medicine as it helps against headaches and colds.


Jasmine flower

Jasmine Flower


Jasmine – Jasminum

This shrub belongs to the olive family, and it contains some 200 species. It likes warm climates and grows in regions of Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania. Several jasmine species became naturalized in Mediterranean Europe. There is the so-called Spanish jasmine which originally came from West Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

In old times, the farmers would plant Jasmine around their houses. They say it to keep the mosquitoes away. To sit outside on a warm summer evening being surrounded by this lovely fragrance is a delight. There are 10 different types of Jasmine and the times of the year they bloom are different.

In the summer, in the evening when you walk in the old part of Malaga, you will often smell jasmine. People sell them on the street made up in an unusual way, a half-sphere is covered with the little flowers. The smells are absolutely gorgeous.


Water Lilies

Water Lilies


Water lilies – Aqua Lilium

The Nymphaeaceae is a well-known water plant. The family contains 5 genera with some 70 known species. The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh, and the blue waterlily is the national flower of Sri Lanka.

There are 3 fishponds on the property. The small one on the patio, I build (by myself) in 1981. There is a second, which I also build myself in 1982. You can see the second one from the entrance to the house and is on the west side.

A big pond is on the south side of the property and away from the house. Later in spring, the snakes come for the wedding. As a complete family, baby snakes included, they go hunting the frogs and fish.

Whenever it is possible, we catch the snakes and bring them to the neighboring farm where there are organic avocados. I do get the impression they all come back, eventually. There are different water plants and on 2 small islands in the deepest part, grow lovely pale yellow waterlilies.


A lovely book on wild plants

The writer. Tony Hall details over five hundred different species. You will find more than six hundred photographs and distribution maps. All those who are interested in wild plants will love this book.




These are only a few of the many bushes and trees that grow on my organic farm. I enjoy the lovely colors which appear each year. A lot of these blossoms have gorgeous smells. Nothing can beat nature, that is for sure. I hope you liked your tour of my property. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Having lived so many years here in the south of Spain, I have noticed big changes in the seasons. Springtime and autumn are hardly noticeable, and most of the time the so-called in-between clothes stay in the wardrobe without being used.

Winters have become rather mild with a midday temperature of around 20C. The summer can have some heatwaves which can get terrible inland with up to 45C.

The other worrying factor is the lack of rain. When you put these 2 factors, rain and heat together, the picture gets clear. Global warming causes climate change and it will not take too many more years when sadly all the beauties growing here will not survive.

Before you leave, please have a look at Recommendations. It is a special page I have made for you. It holds a collection of things you might find useful.


Source: Wikipedia and My Life

Photo Source: Private


I have always had animals on my farm. Perhaps you would like to read the story about Cindy, my dear Rottweiler Lady.

The Good Years With Cindy, My Lovely Rottweiler Lady



Some thoughts which came up when reading your article. 

All the goldfish dying sounds like a really painful experience, especially since you covered them and even tryed to save them afterwards. Good to hear that atleast some of them made it out.

Also, those very poisonous plants which grow right next to the driveway, that must be interesting to have in your posession. For most other plants you listed a use like medicine, or really nice smell or having fruit or even looking nice. You said you love the flowers, but I think really this one’s advantage must be in it’s strong poison. You know, just in case there are people you don’t like.

May 28.2019 | 11:48 am


    Good afternoon Faheem,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    That was a sad experience with the palm spraying and then the goldfish dying. As my farm is organic the spraying of the palm trees was against this being organic concept. Sadly there is no real alternative and in the end, I did lose the trees, some of them being 80 years old.

    Luckily I am a quiet peaceful person and try not to dislike my fellow humans with a few exceptions of course. Do not worry, my name is not Catherine de Medici so no crimes in my life.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 28.2019 | 02:21 pm

Gaurav Gaur

Hi, Taetske.
Thanks for the beautiful and eye soothing snaps and useful information through your blog. The tour to your farm was an experience. How do you maintain such a vast variety of plants and trees, it’s awesome to live with nature. I can sense the feel of colors and fragrance of woody jungle even from the different subcontinent. Thanks for being with nature and sharing your experience.

May 28.2019 | 12:26 pm


    Good afternoon Gaurav,

    Do you know something? People might disappoint you but nature never does. If you take care of it you will be rewarded with lovely flowers and smells. The property is not huge but still too big to do it alone. When I started in 1981 I hired Miguel, who was 18 years old at that time. He still works here. 

    When I am stressed with life or my 2 websites I take a stroll in the garden and that helps. Nice to hear you liked my story.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    May 28.2019 | 02:27 pm

Sylvia Mann

Thank you, Taetske, for this virtual and written walkthrough of your lovely and gorgeous property. Although i love where I live in the mid-western region of Ontario (long cold and snowy Winters) I do envy you a bit where you have settled down.Reading your detailed report on how you have tried to save the Palm trees and had to re-due/cleanse the Pond after trying to save the Palm trees, I personally could “see” in my Third Eye how this must have occurred.
I always can see things as a movie when I read something like this and I could smell the Jasmine, marvelous.
However, my favorite is the Purple Bougainvillea since purple is my favorite color as well, it is unfortunate that so many of the trees, bushes and flowers only like the dry, hot climate. There fore I won’t have them in my backyard.
It is always a pleasure to read your articles and I learn so much from it.
Thank you so much, Taetske for letting us have a piece of your beautiful Finca, I so appreciate this . 🙂

Jun 02.2019 | 01:49 pm


    Dear Sylvia,

    So nice to see you again. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Good to hear you enjoyed the tour on my property. At the moment it is very colorful but temperatures are rising, summer is here and then there are not so many colors anymore. I personally prefer springtime when everything is fresh and new.

    Sadly I am taking steps to sell the finca which I build up since 1981. It is getting too big, too work intensive. Getting older makes me realize that this chapter of my life has come to its end. It was exciting my adventure in the south of Spain. What will remain will be beautiful memories for as long as I live.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 02.2019 | 06:28 pm


It is difficult to know where to begin, as on who used to give talks to gardening clubs a number of years ago, I found this totally fascinating, the photographs are superb, brining back memories of my days in the garden centre.

You have really got a lovely establishment, am totally jealous, think that keeping it all organic is really good, your descriptions tied in with the actual plants I thought was very cleverly done.

Many thanks for allowing me to share what you have achieved over the years.


Jun 22.2019 | 02:41 pm


    Good evening Stuart,

    Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    I do not know what country you live in but if you ever come to the south of Spain please do not hesitate to contact me. I love to meet the readers of my posts.

    I have spent more than half my life here and it was lovely. Now I understand it is getting too big, also the house and I am tired of cleaning. If possible I would sell the property with a bleeding heart to then build something smaller.

    I do not know if it will happen, time will tell. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 22.2019 | 06:15 pm


Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I love nature, and seeing the different kinds of plant life that is in many different countries.  I have never been out of the United States yet, so I always have to look at pictures, and never get to fully immerse myself into the nature of different countries.  I really like the Bougainvillea.  They are absolutely stunning in my opinion.

Dec 07.2019 | 03:18 pm


    Good afternoon Jessie,

    Thank you for visiting my website and for leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I hope you will be able to make a trip outside the U.S. but your country is so big with lovely places to visit that you have not really a need. On the other hand, visiting new countries widens your horizon. I visited the United States 3 times. The last time was in May 2016. I was invited for a 3 week holiday, 5 states, 3000km, great places from Denver to Seattle.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 07.2019 | 05:17 pm

Linda Frankson

Hi, there me, lady. I loved the tour, and I get a lovely picture of you working in your paradise.

As I was living in a tropical area for many years, I can picture your Finca very clearly in my mind the same as Sylvia. With the difference between the two countries.

Now we are in winter and the snow covers the ground. It is also gorgeous, but I do miss the tropical paradise that I lived in for over 31 years.

Bougainvilleas are my favorites. They grow wild in all. tropical areas of the south down to the equator. Not a flower but a leaf that forms colors, you will find them very much a part of the countryside over the adobe dwellings.

Dec 11.2019 | 08:02 pm


    Good afternoon Linda,

    Thank you for visiting again and for your comment. I have worked really a lot, often hard physical work. I build a lot of things myself and everything is still standing.
    Here it is a mild winter up till now, around 20C. No snow on the mountains at all yet. Lacking rain so I have to water the garden and the orange trees.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 12.2019 | 03:37 pm

Dave Sweney

What a beautiful area that you have built up, Taetske! I am sure it must be so relaxing there…Enjoy that paradise, you have worked hard for it!

Dec 12.2019 | 02:46 pm


    Good afternoon Dave,

    That is a nice surprise to see you here again. Thank you for your comment.

    It has been hard work, tears, and sweat but voila, here is my little paradise. It is only one and a half km from the village center and 8km to the coast. Sitting here one can forget about tourists and everything that entails.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 12.2019 | 03:25 pm


Wow!! What a gorgeous garden and beautiful space! I imagine that the smell is intoxicating when they are all in bloom. 

Thank you so much for sharing all these fascinating details of the plants and their temperaments. You are blessed to live in such an amazing space — and the land is also lucky to have you there to care for all the lovely plants!

Feb 19.2021 | 04:20 pm


    Good Morning Aly,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    When I started here in 1981, there was no garden to speak of. Over the years I planted many bushes and trees and now, years later, I enjoy the sight, smell and shade. I can assure you it often was hard physical work, but it was well worth it.  

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 20.2021 | 08:05 am

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