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Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations 4


Summary of Previous episodes

In the initial episode, I discussed my disbelief that the Great Sphinx was only 4,500 years old. My disbelief stemmed from erosion evidence, and I gave information from documents that the last time the Sahara was wet enough to have anywhere near that quantity of water was thousands of years before that.


PD 1867

Public Domain image of the Great Sphinx 1867


In Episode 2, I discussed the very unusual carvings and stone cuttings that cannot have been made from simple copper tools. In fact, one stone is carved in such a way that it is evidence of a 30 foot in diameter cutting wheel working on hard granite.

This is actually very amazing, and it is all swept under the proverbial rug to not alert anyone about possible flaws in the perceived historical timeline of human civilization.

In Episode 3, I discussed the ancient Sumerian cultures of how they first appeared in our historical timeline about 7 thousand years ago, and they still did not have the technology to carve the massive stones we see around the world.


Stone Monolith at Gobekli Tepe

Stone Monolith at Gobekli Tepe (public domain photo)

In all three episodes, I also offered videos that discuss such as the ancient massive stone carvings in Egypt, Lebanon, Peru, and present-day Turkey, where  Gobekli Tepe documents that humans were capable of cutting massive stones and producing well-defined carvings on the stones as long as 12,000 years ago. What happened?

In Episode 3, I finished with a discussion about the great flood and placing it at about the time of the end of the last Ice age.  Some historians suggest that human civilization goes back many thousands of years.

I also discussed that ancient Egyptians knew of many older civilizations and were knowledgeable about many great floods. How is it we have forgotten all of our history? How is it that current archeology ignores these tantalizing insights into our past? How is it that after the advent of Darwinism, any research into unusual Paleo-anthropologist finds are suppressed if they do not confirm the current theory of Evolution?


Forbidden Archeology

In another book in my library, Forbidden Archeology, The Hidden History of the Human Race, written by Michael A Cremo and Richard L. Thompson and published in 1993, documents finds of ancient Paleo-humans that definitely lay outside of the currently accepted timeline.

  • In1883, near St. Prest, France, bones from a rhinoceros dated to the Late Pliocene (5.3 to 2.6 million before present (B.P.)) that had evidence of human butchering before fossilization.
  • In the 1970s, Richard E. Morgan of the Archeological Survey of Canada and the Canadian National Museum of Man conducted studies from the Old Crow River sites and determined that antlers and bones had evidence of human working before the bones and antlers were fossilized and these date to 80,000 B.P.
  • They found bones with scrapes indicative of humans working in the Anza-Borrego Desert, California (1988) that dated to the Middle Pleistocene or greater than 300,000 B.P.
  • Val D’Arno, Italy, grooved bones indicating human activity, were found to date to 2.0–2.5 Million years B.P.
  • In 1868, two fragments of a rhinoceros had been sent to the French Academy of Science with unexplainable grooves that were approximately parallel and appeared to have been made by a hatchet when the bone was fresh. The bone fragments were found near Billy, France, in calcareous sand stratum indicative of the middle Miocene (28.3–5.3 Million B.P.) and the species was Rhinoceros Pleuroceros. According to modern authorities, this animal dates to the early Miocene.
  • Just after the bone fragments from Billy, France were presented (see above), a sealed packet of bones, delivered to the Academy four years earlier, was opened. The researchers (F. Garrigou and H. Filhol) stated there was “sufficient evidence to permit us to suppose that it demonstrates the contemporaneity of human beings and Miocene mammals”. The evidence in the packet contained intentionally broken bones from Sansan, France, and were the bones of a small deer judged to be of Middle Miocene age.
  • Jawbones of an extinct three-toed horse broken in a way to allow the extraction of bone marrow. Modern dating of the strata is the Late Miocene.
  • Pierced Shark Teeth, (Red Crag, England) 2.-2.5 Million years B.P.
  • Carved bone from the Dardanelles, Turkey, dated to the Miocene age.

A must-have book


The Full Unabridged Edition


These are only a sample of the evidence presented in this book, that “modern” humans have been on this planet for much longer than Darwin’s theory of evolution, as currently presented, allows for; and that Mainstream science has refused to acknowledge.


Ignoring sound evidence is counterproductive

At the time they made many of these findings known, Darwinism was fully accepted as the only way “man” could have evolved.  Many of these artifacts were discounted based on the concept that they were inappropriately collected or that the author (presenter) of the evidence did not document the findings well enough or inappropriately dated the strata the bones were found in.

But in many cases, the academicians would be duplicitous in dismissing a claim based on condition X while accepting a more acceptable claim using the same condition X.

There was an obvious double standard, and they dismissed anything that did not fit with accepted dogma. That is true in today’s world, where if a Paleo-anthropologist publishes anything that is not in line with dogma, he will be blackballed from the scientific community.



As I discussed in Episode 3, Plato discussed his ancestor’s conversations with Egyptian historians and stated that our world had been through multiple deluges. We also know that our earth has been through multiple ice ages and thaws.  I also discussed that the “Biblical Flood” was originally an oral story that came down through Sumerian history.

Recently we have learned that the sea level rose nearly 400 feet (120 m) from the glacial maximum to today’s levels.  We have found ancient cities off the coast of India that are discussed in the Mahābhārata, (an ancient Hindi epic narrative of the Kurukṣetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pāṇḍava princes.)

Did Atlantis really exist and did not fall beneath the sea but succumbed to the massive flood from the last Ice Age melt?

All the evidence supports the concept we lost our history and our proverbial minds about 12,000 years ago, as the last ice age retreated.


Important update

I am about 5 chapters away from finishing a fascinating and very informative book that presents a theory that a supernova exploded 200 light-years from our precious planet and the radiation from that explosion impacted the earth 41,000 years ago, the first shock wave reached the earth 31,000 years ago and the debris from the explosion caused a mass extinction of human and megafauna spanning from 16,000 to 13,000 years ago.


Iron Bullets

The book, “The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes” was published in 2006 by a trio of researchers, Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith. They combine the findings from many anthropologists to give a very detailed report that started with a curious finding of tiny iron balls embedded in flint.

These same balls were found in mammoth tusks as well.  In fact, we can find them in the archeological record and document of the time the Clovis Point Paleo-Indians disappeared about 13,000 years ago.


The Initial flash

The radiation pulse was over quickly and Europe, Africa, and the Americas were not affected as they were hidden from the supernova’s direct glare.   But the initial flash of radiation-damaged or killed animals and plant life over the southern hemisphere, specifically Australia and Southeast Asia

Any animal over 100 pounds did not survive.  And the lingering effects of the radiation severely affected those that did.


The Shock Wave

The shock wave hit the earth 34,000 years ago and caused another smaller extension event, with a new round of radiation as well as some smaller comet strikes which sent out large amounts of high-velocity debris decimating the mammoth, bison, and other large fauna.


The Debris arrives

Initially, star-stuff from the supernova nudged comets into an alternative path toward the inner solar system.  This started about 16,000 years ago, but about 3,000 years later, the big stuff happened.

According to the authors, at least five earth impacts of significant size hit the earth at this time.  Their locations were in the northern hemisphere, striking the two-mile-thick ice sheets that were present in the last ice age.

The largest impact was at what is now Hudson Bay, Canada. Because it struck the ice sheet, it produced a wider but shallower crater, but it was still very significant. It created a crater 300 miles in diameter.

The second-largest hit Finland and the crater is 180 miles in diameter.  The third struck Amundsen Bay, Canada (crater – 150 miles in diameter), the fourth struck Baffin Island, Canada  (crater – 75 miles in diameter), and the fifth hit Lake Michigan in the United States and created a crater 65 miles in diameter.


After Effects

These impacts threw up millions of tons of ice and debris into the atmosphere, which fell back to the earth and left thousands of smaller impacts craters. These are spread through the northern hemisphere but many of them are located in Carolina and are called Carolina Bays.

The impacts also started massive fires across the Americas and great floods from the meltwater coming off the massive ice sheets.


The Great Flood

This book was well documented and not a simple story told by fanciful storytellers.  They do include stories from the Native Americans handed down through generations of the devastation and floods that resulted from the impacts and fires. This event heralded the ending of the last Ice Age and with it, losing many civilizations across the globe.


The second book you should not miss

All that I have presented in the last few bullet items is effectively documented in the book, “The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes”. The authors collect scientific facts from journals and excavations and present this evidence in a very easy-to-follow narrative.

It compares oral traditions and myths that have been handed down through generations of native peoples to help explain the similarities between the many civilizations of the world that existed “before recorded time”.


How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture



The authors used many forms of evidence, found at many sites around the world to document the catastrophe that caused the extinction of the Clovis People and the thousands of megafauna in one massive event.

Recently, a massive crater has been found below the ice sheet of Greenland. It is not hard to conceive that this is only one of the many strikes that caused the destruction of our historical world. I wonder what the world would look like had this event not taken place.

If you are at all interested in finding out more about this event, I highly recommend you read the book.

I also link to my previous three posts for your convenience.

Before you leave, you might visit Recommendations. This is a special page I made for you. I hope you will find something of your interest.


There is Controversial Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations.

There is Controversial Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations. (pt 2)

There is Controversial Evidence of Prehistoric Civilizations. (pt 3)



Dave M.

Nice article. You make some very interesting and thought provoking points. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of human history but it is intriguing indeed! It is interesting that these fossils that have been found do not fit into the Darwin time line and are therefore discounted as legitimate historical findings. Did you study Archeology in college?

Jan 29.2018 | 08:54 pm


    Good evening Dave,

    No, I have not studied Archeology but have read a lot during my life, it is one of my interests you know. Remember not so long ago people thought the earth was flat. They were afraid to venture out there less they fall off. Even nowadays there are still people who believe the earth is flat. Anyhow, while science is advancing many more discoveries will be made. Perhaps you care to read my post on the Stones of Ica in Peru. There one talks about 450 million years ago and that there was a civilization living on this planet, why not?
    Thank you for reading my post.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jan 29.2018 | 09:02 pm


To be brutally honest with you, I feel we are just scratching the surface of this particular subject, and we are nowhere yet near the truth. I’m a fan of the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ book and angle (I can hear the sighs already!) and I believe the human race stretches way back past the theory of evolution. 

You’ve near enough covered it here with the different cultures and constructions etc. Most of which were well before their time, and well ahead of what we can even achieve now. 

Science will always like to put subjects into neat little folders…but history won’t ever really fit neatly into a folder…

Just my two cents worth! 🙂

Nov 08.2018 | 12:27 pm


    Good evening Chris,

    Nice to see you again. Do not worry, I am not breathing so no sighs come from here. The Chariots of the Gods was one of the first books I read a long time ago which took my interest towards mysteries.

    In modern times great things are being built. But compare it with what was achieved in those past times with, we say, lesser tools and means to build things which still stand after thousands of years, it is amazing. I think they must have mastered elevation, something now lost. 

    Neat little folders are not so much my thing, I prefer a big box to then be able to think outside of it.

    Regards, Taetske 

    Nov 08.2018 | 09:07 pm


It’s interesting that cultures around the world have stories about a flood that wiped out most of mankind. Besides the story in the Bible and the Native American story, the Chinese also have an account of this. Another thing that could have wiped out earlier civilizations is Yellowstone, which erupts about every 600,000 years. There have been losses of knowledge throughout history when libraries have been burnt down, like the one in Alexandria, and that could be one of the reasons why there isn’t more knowledge about earlier civilizations.

Nov 08.2018 | 12:39 pm


    Good evening Pascal,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    I heard Yellowstone is bubbling again. I get the impression Mother Earth is irritated. The famous library of Alexandria  with all the knowledge of that past sadly lost. In modern times things are again lost and destroyed by narrow-minded people, like the Budha statues and Palmira. I suppose you have read about the Stones of Ica in Peru? That also fascinates me, a civilization which was here some 450.000.000 years ago. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 08.2018 | 09:07 pm


Hello Taetske,

Interesting to read your article on the history of our earth.

My opinion has several angles to it one of which is the method of dating our history. Archeologists often speak of millions of years, and other time lines but how are we to trust their dating methods?

One thought past through my mind about the use of natural elements to date rocks, and bones, etc. If I eat garden eggs that have calcium atoms that were obtained from an old decompose bone and this atom settles in my bones will my bones not be dated probably to be millions of years old?

This is a thought and an opinion from a lay thinker. What can you say about this?

The other interesting thing you raise is about the disagreements of scientific groups with those findings that contradict their views. It goes to show that man may never really agree on our history. Different religious beliefs offer different timelines. 

I think it is good to continue to search so we can have different opinions that help us shape our understanding of these things



Nov 08.2018 | 01:13 pm


    Good evening Isaiah,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    There are many ways of determining the age of a fossil. Radiocarbon dating, the dating of pottery and patterns on the pottery, carbonates– Sr ratios, U-Pb ratios, and many other types of isotope analysis.

    I do not know a lot about estimating the age of fossils, but I do know that there is a specific margin of error for all the aging methods. 

    In my article (s), I have made the argument that the age of the Sphynx is incorrectly dated to 4500 years ago but based on erosion patterns clearly evident; it is much older than currently thought. In a previous article, I documented that the last major wet Sahara period was 7 to 9 thousand years ago. This was based on clay sediments, not isotope ratios.   

    In the post you just read, I talk about the Clovis People who have been identified as disappearing from the American Continent about 13,000 years ago.  I also identified that there was an iridium layer just above the last known indications of the Clovis point people, and this iridium was from a massive series of comet strikes dated to about the same time.

    I completely agree with you that the main thing is to constantly have an open mind to the mysteries that we have yet to fully understand.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 09.2018 | 07:08 pm

Thomas S.

What a great article!  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  I love history and I’m really interested in exactly what we’ve been told and what could actually be the possible truth. There are so many inaccuracies that it amazes me that the conventional scientific community doesn’t take a harder look into some of these claims.  I’m definitely gonna check out one of these books myself.

Mar 30.2019 | 12:03 am


    Good afternoon Thomas,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    I believe that all our myths and legends are based (at least in part) on historical facts. This includes the Great Flood also called the Biblical Flood. I just view all our myths and legends as very biased views of history.

    Do you really think that Homer wrote about the gods fighting when he wrote the “Iliad” or was he talking about actual events, just putting the events in a perspective of the current religion? Immanuel Velikovsky wrote about this in his book Earth in Upheaval.  

    We always have to read between the lines to discover the truth.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 30.2019 | 05:16 pm


This is so interesting! I’m definitely going to pick up that book. My father in law would have a field day with it since he is all about history and world of before. He believes that a lot of mesas are actually trees that have been chopped down by giants and that they are made of petrified wood and not stone as previously believed. Overall, I don’t know what’s really true but I am deeply interested to learn as many perspectives as possible.

Mar 30.2019 | 12:09 am


    Good afternoon Eric,

    Please, always have an open mind to the possibilities.

    I have only read part of the book “Forbidden Archeology”, but I was very impressed by the presentation of the data and how it was presented.  I have read the second book offered on this post (The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes) in entirety and it reads like a who-done-it mystery with a very detailed stepwise approach to solving the mystery.  I highly recommend this book.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 30.2019 | 05:39 pm


Hi Taestke,

I’m with you in that it is highly probable that the Great Sphinx could have been created about twice as long ago as archaeologists keep telling us.

This discussion brings to mind a series of thought provoking books by Erich von Däniken – the most famous of which was Chariot of the Gods.  Erich talked about extraterrestrial aliens influencing early humans.  And, I firmly believe that, due to the immensely complicated structure of the pyramids, the Aztec temples, and other ancient structures, some “outside” influences may have dropped by our planet to add some expertise and guidance.

Also, I can’t discount the overwhelming feeling I have that there were technological advanced civilizations on earth that came before Homo Sapiens – civilizations that once thrived 400 to 500 million years ago.  This is the “Silurian Hypothesis”, so named by NASA scientists – after the British science fiction episode of Dr. Who in which he discovers the Saurians – an advanced technological race of lizard people.

There may have been multiple advanced civilizations throughout the earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence.  After all, we humans have only been technologically savvy for about 3 centuries – a mere blink of an eye compared to the age of the earth.  The problem is that it is nearly impossible to even find dinosaur fossils – much less evidence of other intelligent life that may have existed many millions of years ago.

Well, that’s enough of a rant for now.  I think I’ll go back to watching some of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” episodes.



Mar 30.2019 | 12:54 am


    Good afternoon Jim,

    I wish I had all of Carl’s “Cosmos” episodes (shoot, I would settle for just one). I remember watching them all with abject fascination.

    Regarding the possibility of advanced civilizations on this globe, I believe that there is overwhelming evidence that advanced civilizations existed as recently as 12,500 years ago.  That is when the Gobekli Tepe site was intentionally buried.  This is documented by carbon dating of artifacts found when the site was buried (meaning the site is actually much older than that).

    There are all sorts of speculations about visitors to our planet.  Mr von Däniken is one among many, but he is absolutely the first that I remember to say we were visited in ancient times. I think if you and I were to have a conversation over coffee (tea) we would be in complete agreement.  I just do not want to speculate on who the visitors are at this time.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 30.2019 | 05:00 pm


Hi Taetske, your website is fascinating.  I love how you are trying to solve these ancient structures. You also address such important issues to our planet like air quality. I could not stop reading. One of the most special creatures in my life is my cat Marmalade, so I appreciated your cat stories.

I will be visiting your site often. I’m waiting the next story.

 Keep up the great work.

Mar 30.2019 | 01:15 am


    Good afternoon Ed.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    You seem to have made quite a tour over my website. I use my 2 websites so I can write about things which interest and or worry me. You have a cat who is called Marmalade, that is a cute name. On my healthy anti-aging alternatives I have just posted how to make organic orange marmalade.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 30.2019 | 02:18 pm


I have never been overly interested in the existence of human civilization and history. However, reading this article of yours, I came across a lot of interesting information and this article kept my attention. I have to commend you because searching for information that is measured millions of years back is a really hard job and everyone who does this research deserves support. Thank you for this useful information

Oct 24.2020 | 08:15 pm


    Good Morning Oliveir,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I can imagine not everybody is interested in the history of humanity. Perhaps you are more curious about the future, who knows? Still, we can learn a lot by looking at the remains of past civilizations. I think our ancestors probably had the same wishes and hopes we have nowadays. 

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 25.2020 | 07:49 am

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