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Humans are killing the bees


The Importance of Bee Survival for our World. Their survival is our survival on this beautiful Planet.
We often underestimate the role of the bee, take a closer look at this hard-working insect. It is quite amazing to realize how they keep a balance which often is destroyed by us humans.


Sunflower with Bees

Sunflower with Bees image by Grant Francks


While reading this post you might like to listen to ” The Flight of the Bumblebee “by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov “.


Do not panic

People often are not happy when a bee comes close to them and wave their hands to shoo it away. It is true that there are persons that are allergic to the sting of a bee and have to be careful.

Otherwise, when we take it easy and do not make threatening movements, the bees will be happy to leave us alone. One does not often think about the important role the bees play in our environment and we are not aware of the fact that without bees we would not be able to survive.


All you need to know about bees

Want to build a bee-friendly garden, start beekeeping, and use your harvest for your own personal well-being? The Bee Book is the place to start. This book gives you information on how to start a backyard hive, how to care for the bees, and harvest their products.

You get step-by-step instructions along with beautiful photographs and diagrams on how to collect a swarm and developed a healthy colony. It covers many topics such as what plants to start with, how to deal with diseases in the colony, and how to harvest the honey, wax, and propolis (the bees own glue).


The Bee Book


Buckwheat and Bees

There are many known species of bees. They are all pollinators and their work produces about one in every three bites of food we eat. Therefore, it is alarming to see that every year there are fewer of these small but tireless workers. For many years already research has shown that a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids is responsible for the rapid decline of the bee population.

There are crops that are of benefit to the bees and also the earth.
Buckwheat has a lot of nectar which is food for the bees and besides it takes CO2 out of the atmosphere into the plant and then through the roots it goes as nitrogen back into the soil.

If bees were to disappear we, the people, would not be able to survive for long as the entire food chain that nature has developed would collapse.


Bee on Stinging Netle

Bee on Stinging Nettle image by Denis Geier


The Importance of Honey

I would also like to mention the other reason why bees are so important in our lives. They produce honey, which is known for its multiple benefits. It helps with Indigestion, skin infections, burns, coughs, Flu, and much more. In old times in Egypt, it was a very popular healing remedy and in an Egyptian tomb honey was found and it still retained its properties even after thousands of years.

Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used honey as a treatment for pain, fever, and more. People might be apprehensive about eating too much sugar, as we have all heard that it can cause obesity, diabetes, and a lot of nasty chronic diseases. The fact is that it depends on what kind of sugar one eats.

Honey is what one calls a whole food, made by nature, not by men. It supports your immune system and fights harmful bacteria. It is filled with a special enzyme that, when exposed to oxygen, produces hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong acid that dissolves the bacteria from the cell walls.

Honey reacts differently in your body than sugar, it regulates how your body uses the sugar. The effect is slow, not like when you eat sugar you get a kick which only lasts for a short period. When one buys honey, of course only the organic, non-filtered, or in any way manipulated product will be able to give the many health benefits.


Butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush with bee image by Philip Apeldoorn


Artificial Pollination

It is sad and amazing to see that we kill millions upon millions of bees and by doing this put our own survival in jeopardize. On the other side, science has come up with a “solution” to counteract the bee decline.

We have invented the first drones which can pollinate artificially. These robotic bees are able to fly from flower to flower, take its pollen from a masculine one and transfer it to a feminine one to fertilize it. It may sound good, but these drones do not move their wings and need to be directed by remote control. There are contrary opinions on this, and personally, I think it is good like it is.

If we could learn to leave nature in peace and not make such a mess of everything, I think it would be much better. There is no need for drones if we protect the bees. They will gladly do the job they were made for and we will continue enjoying our beautiful planet, a spoon of sweet honey included.


Bee at work

Bee at work image by Louise Stoehr



What about the honey? There is no machine that can make it, therefore, it is a much better idea to protect the bees and ultimately protect ourselves. The total environment is suffering because humans do stupid and dangerous things.

Creation was made with a beautiful balance where everything is related and has its important place. We should not mess up this balance, as everything we included will suffer the consequences of our deeds.

Here is a special TED TALK which gives you insight into a beehive. Quite amazing to see it as a closeup. I find this an interesting feature of this film.



Before you leave, have a look at my page Recommendations. I made this especially for you in the hope you find something of your interest.


Source: Wikipedia

Photo Source: Pixabay


Modern life has brought us 4G and following up 5G is now being installed worldwide. Nature and humans suffer the consequences of this decision. Bees are also affected and die by the millions. You might care to read the following post.

No More Bees Results In No More Humans






Hi Taetske, what a wonderful and dramatically beautiful site you have! Congratulations. I chose to comment on your post about bees, because, as an aromatherapist, I appreciate just how vital bees are for our survival! Our fruits and vegetables would not survive without bees pollinating them. This is an epidemic that politicians refuse to understand and address. Come on, getting our food supply depends on bees, those hardworking insects! Keep telling people! PatSID

May 19.2017 | 03:36 pm


    Good afternoon Pat

    Thank you so much for visiting my website and thank you also for your kind words. I fully agree that we have to do something to save the bees. Each person having a garden can contribute, if perhaps only in a small way, to have a positive impact on our world. As you perhaps have read on my website I personally made my own awful experience with pesticide, Roundup to be precise. This happened in 1981 on my farm in the south of Spain. I am happy I woke up to the dangers of using this hideous product of Monsanto. You are right, I am not happy with politicians in general either.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 19.2017 | 05:20 pm


This is heart breaking to hear.  I have been following this for a few years now and it is a shame that pesticides have not been banned all around.

Where I live pecticides have been banned and every time I see a bee it’s a blessing.

You are so right. We think of these wonderful creatures as pests when they are actually an integral part of our lives and an important part of nature.

Maybe one day 

Nov 25.2018 | 05:43 pm


    Good evening Stew,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    I live on a farm in the south of Spain. In 1981 I made my personal experience with Roundup. It was awful and I became organic. One of the best decisions in my life.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 25.2018 | 07:19 pm

Marios Tofarides

Hey there,

I’ve already read about our endangered species if bees get extinct. And I’m really sad that we destroy our beautiful world, and have to rely on technology to do what nature is already doing millions of years now. It is true that people are afraid of bees, but they won’t use their sting if we don;t trey to hurt the,. It’s just the idea of being stung by a bee that makes us go crazy.

I really hope, we take these warnings into consideration and save the bees, even now.



Nov 25.2018 | 05:44 pm


    Good evening Marios,

    I think it is crazy science comes up with this solution. Nature knows best and I do not understand why humans always want to “improve” on things.

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske 

    Nov 25.2018 | 07:19 pm

AV 2001

Hey Taetske! How are you doing? I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog on “Humans are killing the bees” as it it contains tones of valuable information. I completely agree with whatever you said in this post. Bees are definitely important to produce honey which we consume. They can be annoying st times but that doesn’t mean you have to kill them. I tend to think that each living organism is important for us in some way or the other.

Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work my friend. Well done!!!

Nov 25.2018 | 05:44 pm


    Good evening Anirudh,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    We should stop killing defenseless creations of nature who on top of it are such a great help to us and the total world. You are quite right to state that all living beings have a place in  creation. We should be respectful of all living things and protect them.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 25.2018 | 08:08 pm


What an great article Taetske. I must be honest and confess that I am afraid of these insects but I have never hurt them. I am glad that you explained very well how important they are as more and more people are killing these creatures without any reason. I am using honey daily and I could not imagine my life without it as it is one elixir of life.

Nov 25.2018 | 05:46 pm


    Good evening Daniel,

    Nice to see you again. I suppose when you buy honey you get the organic not tampered with honey as only then you will benefit from all the health properties.

    I do not have to ask you if you have downloaded your free PDF right? Stay healthy and thanks for your comment.

    Regards, Taetsle

    Nov 25.2018 | 07:19 pm


Thank you for sharing this story about bees. I actually just met a beekeeper who told me that the bees can travel 6-12 miles out of its nest and can always come back, not sure how did the research measure that. Also everytime before they leae their nest thei fly in circle 2 times no more or less and they leave to find thehoney and the can always manage to come back. What an amazing creature! 

Sadly, I heard that our cell towers are also the cost of the decline in bees populatin. I do not remember here I read the article but the article claimed that because of the cell towers the bees do get lost and cannot find their way back to their nest and they die. So sad.

And yes I agree, there are so many benefits in taking honey, I eat a spoonful with apple cider vinegar everyday for my health, it help with my menstrual cramps.

More peole should be aware of this thank you for an amazing post! 

Nov 25.2018 | 05:47 pm


    Good Morning Nuttanee,

    Nice to see you again and thank you for leaving a comment.

    I also eat honey every day and apple cider vinegar with mother. The times we are living in have a lot of health-threatening things like the cell towers you mentioned. On my other website I have a couple of posts on radiation and today I will publish a new one warning of the health risks from EMF radiation. 

    One has to take special care to eat the right foods. Drink clean water, diminish radiation in the house, be careful of pesticides, plastics, and the list goes on. It is not so easy to remain healthy these days.

    We should do our best and take care of the bees as when they are gone it will be our end also.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 26.2018 | 07:29 am

Dave M.

Fascinating information!  I learned a lot just reading your post! I never really thought about bees and how critically important they are for the food chain! It amazes me how complex our world is and that bees perform tasks that man can not duplicate. Do you think we will ever figure out an effective way to pollinate and create honey?

Nov 25.2018 | 06:31 pm


    Good Morning Dave,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Creation is amazing, everything is related and we should not disturb the balance as then things go wrong.

    As to your question, I think we should not spend time and money always wanting to imitate nature. I think we better spent our resources in providing good food and clean water to all people in the world and let nature take care of making the wonderful honey, after all, she has been doing it for so long.

    Regards, Taetske

    Nov 26.2018 | 07:29 am



This was a fascinating read. 

I had not realized just how much bees do for us and that we would not last long without them. 

I have never understood the role that wasps play in nature. 

They don’t produce honey or do anything beneficial. 

They will sting needlessly, unlike bees who only sting when provoked. 

I’ve heard people say that wasps are mutant bees. Do you know anything about this? 

Best wishes, 


Jul 18.2020 | 07:11 pm


    Good Morning Cameron,

    In general people do not like wasps but they play an important role in the environment. There are many types of wasps from really big to tiny. A big one might hunt a smaller one and feed it to its larvae. Wasps function as biological pest control, so we should be happy they exist. Just like bees, they are pollinators and they are not mutated bees. You will find wasps in all parts of the world except for the polar regions.

    There you see wasps are useful insects and we should leave them so they can do their job.

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jul 19.2020 | 06:39 am

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