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Why the Bees are important for our Survival


Bees at work

Bees at work


Bees are important for Human Survival

Some time ago I wrote a post on the importance of bees for our World. Without these helpful and busy little friends, we, humans can not survive. They are losing their habitat and are attacked by all the pesticides which are used nowadays for the agriculture crops. These pesticides also harm us as big part end up in our food.

A new study has come out on the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides, it harms bumblebees and also the honeybees. This is the biggest study done up till now and you can read on it here: published in Science.

Some 2000 hectares were allocated to this study. The UK, Germany, and Hungary participated in this study which took care to present real-world conditions and the devasting effects pesticides have on the bee population.


Bee at work

Bee at work


Bayer, the manufacturer of pesticides

In 2013 there was a temporary ban on Neonicotinoids in Europe and it seems that its use will be further restricted. Of course, Bayer, who is a major producer of this pesticide and did part fund this study was quick in stating that the results of this test were inconclusive. I am not surprised at all. Whenever big money is at stake the health and even lives of living things, we are included do not forget, is unimportant. Not even the survival of our planet seems to worry these big companies. This is similar to the attitude of Monsanto with their nasty product Roundup. Same story all over again.

These tests for the study were taken in 33 different places. Scientists found that where these neonicotinoid where used a higher concentration of residues were found in the nests and that meant fewer queens. Even if it was banned in 2013 in the nests of wild bees the chemicals were still present in the environment. When you come to think of it that is close to 5 years later.

Another sad fact one has to add to this negative list is that bee colonies were weakened and the hives have a lesser chance to survive the winter. The same applies to us humans. When we eat food laden with chemicals over the years these toxins add up and our immune system can not cope with it anymore resulting in inflammation and then serious illness or death.


Farmers Field

Farmers field


Farmers in the UK have complained that not being able to use the neonicotinoids on their oilseed rape they have seen a decline of some 20% in their production. They then start using substitute products of an older generation and there again the impact on Flora and Fauna is difficult to know.

BBC 29 June 2017 article by Rebecca Morelle.



More Bee Information

Did you know there are nearly 20.000 known species of bees? I really was surprised when I read that. They are subdivided into seven recognized biological families. They are present on all continents with the exception of Antartica. You will see them where ever there are flowering plants which need pollination. Bees are related to wasps and ants. They are valued for, apart from pollination for these great products. They make honey and beeswax. Royal jelly and propolis.


Bee Hive

Bee Hive


Honey, a gift from Nature

Honey which has a multitude of health benefits will keep these properties for thousands of years as was proven by the discovery of honey in an Egyptian tomb. After all these years it maintained its properties. I remember when I was a child when the furniture was being treated with beeswax, the whole house would smell so good. Royal jelly is the food for the Queen Bee, she gets only the best. The first 3 days the larvae are fed the royal jelly to then feed on Honey. The Queen Bee will eat only Royal Jelly for the rest of her life. If all goes well she might live some 4 to 5 years whereas a normal worker bee only lives 1 to 2 months.

Propolis is a combination of balsamic and resinous substances which the bees separate from the sticky substance from a variety of trees. They use it to cover their entire hives, closing small holes there might be and also put it at the entrance. The reason behind it is to protect against bacteria, infections, and germs.  This is why one calls this product a natural antibiotic.


An afterthought

Beekeeping or apiculture has been practiced for thousands of years, we should not forget that. The importance of the bees in our world is undeniable, let’s keep their habitat safe from pesticides. If you want to know how you can help the answer is easy. Make your garden organic, like that you will attract bees, butterflies and other insects. You will see your garden come alive with the concert of birds singing as they will visit for a healthy bite.


Photo Source: Pixabay


Perhaps you would like to read my first post on bees.

The Importance of Bee Survival for our World



Hi Guillaume
This is a wonderful article and very informative. Thank you for writing this one. I too really like honey. I use local raw honey all year around and then Manuka Honey for when I feel like I need an immune system boost.
I am very interested in bees, but because I do not live in Europe I had not heard about the study that you mentioned or the effects of Neonicotinoids.
It is really obvious that you care about bees.
Thank you for sharing this with us through your website.

Sep 07.2017 | 12:13 am


    Good Morning Bec,

    Thank you for visiting my website. When I started this site I wanted to write about my hobbies, passions, and inform the people about what I think is important for our world. The sad thing is that humans are too often very thoughtless, thinking about profit and not taking in consideration in what condition our future generations will be forced to live. Bees are a good example of this. Without them, we will not survive so it is high time all pesticides should disappear to safeguard a healthy environment for all living things we included.

    Regards, Taetske

    Sep 07.2017 | 06:14 am

Sujandar Mahesan

This is an really important topic that people all around the world tend to ignore.  I’m really happy that someone is talking about it and creating awareness about it.

I should hats off to you for talking about this particular issue and creating awareness among people around the world.

I’m going to share this with my friends and families so they know the important of this topic.

Dec 03.2018 | 03:19 pm


    Good Morning Sujandar,

    Thank you for your visit and comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    That is very kind of you to pass on this information to family and friends. The more people know about what is happening the better. Perhaps you care to also read my first post on the bees.

    The more people become aware of the importance of the bees the more pressure there will be on banning all these awful pesticides. Pesticides which are a danger to Fauna and Flora and also for the human race.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 04.2018 | 07:23 am


Hi, this is a very informative article. Today, we are so consumed with technology and living the fast life that we take for granted the smaller things around us in nature that help us live. As simple as the bee may seem, they are a very important to our living. 

I understand because I purchase Manuka Honey which is very special has great benefits to the body.

I learned some new things in your article. Loved it. 

Dec 03.2018 | 03:27 pm


    Good Morning Choannah,

    When one thinks that such a small insect plays such an important role in human survival one should pay more attention to the environment. Everything is related as has a meaning. We upset natures balance and that is very sad. 

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 04.2018 | 07:23 am


Thank you very much Taetaske for your informative article.

When I was a kid I remember bees being everywhere and I was always scared of getting stung. Nowadays I hardly ever see bees buzzing around. It is very sad to see how we have threatened the bee population while bees are such an important part of our survival.

I was wondering, since bees have been exposed to so many insecticides, is there honey still safe to eat?

Dec 03.2018 | 03:32 pm


    Good Morning Micah,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Yes, it is very sad to see what we are doing to our environment. Humans can be so stupid and we and future generations will suffer the consequences.

    Your question about honey is very important. You have to be certain it is raw honey, not tampered with. To know the area where it comes from is also important and depending on what flowers/blossoms grow in that area it will change the taste. Personally, I would stay away from the regular honey sold in most supermarkets. It will be cheap and will not hold the health properties which are so important. You might be able to buy Manuka Honey which is world famous. 

    I live in the south of Spain and in a small shop here in the village have found fantastic honey. It comes from the region, hills and lots of wildflowers, it tastes excellent.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 04.2018 | 07:23 am

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