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Proof on an old coin that we have been visited


The unusual has always intrigued me. Mother Earth has many mysteries and I love finding out about them.


minted coin with UFO

Minted coin with UFO


King Louis XIV and a Ufo

In 1656 in France, thousands of people saw a UFO in the sky. To commemorate this fact, King Louis XIV had a coin minted that depicts this happening. We are not alone and we have been visited numerous times throughout the ages. I read this story in the Spanish June 2012 edition of Share International. source:


UFO in the sky

UFO in the Sky, image by Christian Plass


Unusual Flying objects depicted in ancient paintings

There are not only coins with strange things printed on them, but there are also many more things. You will find them if you care to look. I have always loved old paintings. This goes back to when I was a small child. I would look at the art books my Mother had and find unusual things.

We would also visit museums in Holland and, being on holiday in different countries, would also go to visit churches and museums.

In old times, the people did not know what they were looking at. They were looking at artifacts made by advanced civilizations who came from somewhere in the Universe. As the people did not understand where these objects were coming from and could not understand with their knowledge of that time, they mostly attributed it to divine appearances.

I found this interesting video which illustrates what I am talking about. This YouTube video shows you some hidden things on old paintings. One has to look carefully at all the little details to find them.



A little-known fact about Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was a knowledgeable man who had many talents, was well versed in history, and was a gifted orator. What many people might not know is that he received the Nobel prize for literature in 1953. Possibly, and even a lesser-known facet of Sir Winston Churchill, was that he was interested in extraterrestrial life.

An article written by him in 1939, which was revised during the 50s but never published, has recently come to light in the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri (United States.)


Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill


The war of the worlds

The radio version of Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds”, which created a mass panic with people fearing an alien invasion, probably influenced him. Mario Livio (an internationally known astrophysicist and best-selling author) was the first person this document was shown to after it was recently discovered.

Mr. Livio points out that Sir Winston Churchill refers to the possible existence of many other suns with families of planets, decades before we documented such conditions as fact.

It is noteworthy that Sir Winston Churchill used a scientific approach to analyzing the potential existence of habitable worlds, not too hot or too cold (in the Goldilocks Zone), with hundreds of thousands of galaxies, each one with billions of suns, the probabilities are the norm that there is a great number of planets with environments that will support life.

As prime minister during World War II, whatever his opinion on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, it seems he ordered that sighting of a UFO had to be kept secret in order to prevent mass hysteria.


A special book

The book “The Convoluted Universe” is the sequel to “The Custodians”. The writer Dolores Cannon is well known and has a large following in the Metaphysical field. Her first eleven books generated much interest due to her special techniques in hypnosis. These unique techniques made it possible to explore where other investigators have not gone.

You will be taken on an exciting trip hearing about the origin, knowledge, and destruction of Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, Nasca Lines, Parallel Universes, and many more topics that will keep you spellbound. Do you want your mind to be expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on “Quantum Physics” then read this book?


The Convoluted Universe



On one side we have a French king who orders a coin to be minted to commemorate a flying saucer sighting, and a respected, world-famous leader of modern times, who is positive about the possibility of life on other worlds.

I am wondering if our governments are not telling the full truth about alien encounters. The Vatican in Rome also holds many secret documents about alien encounters, be it in the past or modern times.

I have made a special page for you. It is a collection of things you might be interested in. Please have a look at Recommendations.


Source: Share International April 2017, Dr. Phyllis Creme and Wikipedia

Photo Source: Pixabay


One of my favorite mysteries is the stones of Ica. These stones were found in Peru and have a rather unusual story surrounding them. Millions of years ago, there was another human race living on the planet. Perhaps you like to read the post I wrote about it.

Proof of an other Human Race, the Stones of Ica in Peru



Linda Frankson

I have visited ever page on your site and I was mesmerized by you stories and your Perseus stones I was there and read every thing Every page. Thank you for this very special trip. My Brother is an acupuncturist and I know the value of crystals. We have even used crystals to cleans Mother earth in home gardening. it was a incredible experience. Love your work. Linda

Apr 13.2017 | 02:12 am


    Thank you, Linda, am happy to hear you liked the different stories, All the best, Taetske

    Apr 13.2017 | 03:03 pm


I love a seeker of information because as you are finding out that there is so much that is hidden in plain sight all it takes is for a person to open their minds eye and do their due diligence. This day and time has so many different way to find information that if you seek you she’ll find. I love how your site is very informative.

May 24.2017 | 04:43 pm


    Good afternoon Frankie,

    Thank you for visiting my website. Our planet has so many mysteries that we would need more than 1 life to investigate it all. I have not stopped yet to be amazed at all the things I still discover and hopefully will discover for many more years to come.

    Regards, Taetske

    May 24.2017 | 05:13 pm

Florence Ki

I always believe there’s UFO but never really look into all the literatures, stories or evidences available on the internet. Your article has indeed open my eyes about the possibility of having alien living us??? Seriously, I can’t rationalize the reason somebody is trying to hide the truth… if that’s really the truth.

Dec 15.2018 | 05:20 pm


    Good afternoon Florence,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    The more ignorant we remain the easier it is for those in power to manipulate us.

    The same happens with the food industry and also Big Pharma. They want to sell their products even if it is harmful to our health. 

    The more educated one is about the happenings in our world the better you are prepared to make the right decisions.

    Personally I am not afraid by alien existence. I think there are many dangerous people on this planet which pose a bigger problem.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 16.2018 | 04:03 pm

Babsie Wagner

A very dear friend of mine, and his mother, saw a hovering UFO directly over their house many years ago.  They both described it in vivid details, and based on the fact that it was them telling me the event, I completely believe they are real.  The universe is vast, so why would we think we are the only ones?  God never told us we were the only ones, and we have mastered space travel, travelling shipped with men to our moon, and travelling shipped with technology, to other planets in our solar system.

I was amazed in looking at the artwork and that coin all the depictions.  I now the pyramids were most likely built by people not of this earth.  The fact that they are in precise points around our planet and the fact that there is some frequency between them, indicates to me they were, or perhaps are still being, used as a communication tool.  Pretty creepy stuff, but absolutely amazing.

Great site!  Love it!

Dec 15.2018 | 05:20 pm


    Good afternoon Babsie,

    How absolutely exciting this story of your friends. To tell you the truth I would have loved to be there. To think we are the only ones and this unmeasurable Universe is only put there as decoration I think is quite ridiculous. We really are only a minuscule part of creation and we should not think we are the most important.

    I also wrote a post on rock drawings be it in Utah or in Algeria, we have been visited for sure. Another good example are the Stones of Ica in Peru which go back millions of years. I also believe the pyramids were built for more reasons than being a tomb and probably the technology needed to build them in the first place must have come from somewhere else. All these are fascinating things which surprise the more I find out about it.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 15.2018 | 07:23 pm


There was a documentary I watched where a group of scientists found potential evidence for mermaids. There were parts of what seemed to be half-fish, half-human body parts. A group of fishermen found them on the beach one day along with multiple whales after the US military was doing weapons testing in the ocean. Unknown underwater sounds and shapes of mermaids have also been sighted before, so who knows, they might be real.

Unfortunately, the US government prevented the scientists from doing anymore research and did not give any information or reason on why. The government definitely hides lots of things from us. I believe that there are extraterrestrials and also that our world could possibly be a simulation. If UFOs were able to arrive since that time, there’s no telling how technologically advanced aliens could be. Cool science things and theories that are yet to be uncovered.

Dec 15.2018 | 05:23 pm


    Good afternoon Kevin,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    In the deep of the oceans which remain greatly unexplored there will for sure be many unusual things. I have also read about the mermaids who have a place in most cultures. 

    That we are not told the truth I firmly believe and it will probably continue like that. It has always been like that as the fewer people know the easier it is to manipulate them.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 15.2018 | 07:23 pm

AV 2001

Hey Taetske,

I really enjoyed reading this article as its fun, interesting and contains lots of valuable information. After reading this article, I think that governments and couple of space agencies around the world like NASA are definitely trying to hide something.  

If people knew about the UFO’s in 17th century, we should’ve progressed by now to find out much better stuff about these outer spaced objects. I’m 100% sure that aliens exist in other planets. This is pretty much what Sir Stephen Hawking believes. There’s something out there but nobody is disclosing these topics.

Thank you taking your precious time in writing this article. Good Job!

Dec 15.2018 | 05:24 pm


    Good evening,

    Sir Stephen Hawkins knew a lot of things so sad he is not with us anymore. I bet he is flying out there and enjoying great adventures. People have sighted UFOs a long time ago, think of the drawings in Utah and Algeria, I wrote a post on that.

    Throughout history people have not been informed or are misinformed, it is easier to stay in power when people are kept ignorant.

    Nice to hear you enjoyed reading my article. Thank you for your comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 15.2018 | 07:23 pm


Hello Taetske,

This was a very interesting article…very nice. I did not know about the UFO on the minted coin and dating so far back. It just goes to show that our predecessors were just as curious as we now ‘seem to be’. To think that UFO’s are ‘nothing new’…lol…or so we choose to think.

Even more interesting was Winston Churchill. You know, just thinking back, I have read a few things about good ‘ole Winston, but nothing about this ‘side of his character’…you have made me a wee bit more curious indeed. Off to the library I go.

Thanks for sharing and all the best.


Dec 15.2018 | 05:26 pm


    Good evening Michelle,

    Happy to hear you liked my post. There are still so many enigmas to be discovered in our world that one lifetime will not be enough. Nowadays they should bring out at least a stamp or two to commemorate the many sightings of UFOs.

    I was also surprised when I found out about this little detail, Sir Winston Churchill was quite a man.

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    regards, Taetske 

    Dec 15.2018 | 07:22 pm


interesting to know. I’ve always wonder if UFO’s or extraterrestrial phenomenon really exist. i think i would be ok with it as long as it don’t cause havoc to humanity. I wonder movie creators of such may have good source of information about these things or just products of their wild imagination hahah. Good read though and fun. Thank you for sharing.

Dec 15.2018 | 05:31 pm


    Good afternoon,

    We really do not need the aliens to come to our planet to cause havoc. We, the human race, is very capable of doing that ourselves. Old Masters painted little UFOs and rock drawings from all over the world depict the visits of strange beings. I am sure these visits happened in the past, are happening now, and will continue in the future.

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 16.2018 | 04:03 pm


I have always been fascinated by history and things that are mysterious in this world. I like your article, it actually got me thinking and curious about what other world can possibly be out there. I took a look at some other posts on your website and its pretty cool how you see certain things in life. I love it!! I will share this article with my wife because we always have conversations about what else is in this earth 🙂 

Great Job!

Dec 15.2018 | 05:31 pm


    Good afternoon Victor,

    Nice that you had a look around on my website and liked what you saw. Having a website gives you the possibility to write about things you like, to write about things which worry you, it is the place where you can voice your opinion. Now I hope your wife will also like reading some of my posts.

    Mother Earth holds many mysteries and the more you investigate the more exciting it gets.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 16.2018 | 04:03 pm


This is an interesting article, a side of Sir Winston Churchill that most don’t know about. There could be some truth in what you have talked about. Knowing the secret service and how they are good at keeping a secret, unless one unfaithful agent blurs out the secrets. Good to learn this side of Sir Winston Churchill that is not talked about.

Dec 15.2018 | 05:35 pm


    Good afternoon Anita,

    Sir Winston Churchill was a multi-faceted man but I was also surprised when I found out this detail.

    I am convinced we are not told the total truth, the less we know the easier we can be manipulated by the ones who hold the power. 

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you have downloaded your free PDF?

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 16.2018 | 04:03 pm

Iheanacho David

Honestly,I have never been in support of the school of thought that believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life or UFOs but seeing documentation and proof that dates as far back as the 15th century does a lot to my resolve and certainty. An interesting read regardless. War of the Worlds still seems very abstract to be frank, it seems made up but what do we do?

Jun 06.2020 | 01:43 pm


    Good afternoon Iheanacho,

    Thank you for your comment on my post. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Have you seen the Hubble Telescope and the impressive photos it makes of creation? This space is so vast a human mind cannot comprehend. I am convinced it was not created as mere decoration, there must be a far deeper meaning to it all. 

    There are many examples of special things out there and we have been visited numerous throughout the ages. Proof of that are the rock drawings that are found in many different places in the world. Have a look at this post.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 06.2020 | 03:39 pm


I love the way you are presenting a so much debated topic. Whether all this is true or not – Your article is showing us in a simple way that there is more to this world than we know and can explain. I think the coin on the picture was extremely interesting. I mean, it must be important if you put it on a coin. I am glad I found your site. I love to read about things like this and I share the same interest in mysteries.

I took a peak at your recommendation page and I was happy to see you recommend Jaaxy Keyword tool. I use it a lot. It is the best. I am a stone lover myself. Have collected since I was small. I have never seen a stonebowl like this – It is just beautiful. I will keep an eye on your website in the time ahead for more inspiration and wonderful stories. Thank you!

Jun 06.2020 | 01:45 pm


    Good afternoon Hilde,

    Last year, for my birthday, I got a rock tumbler. Since then Michael and I have been stone hunting. As the one we liked could not be sent to Spain after some research, we found an Italian company that delivered the machine. It is a lot of fun to see how week after week a rough stone transforms into something beautiful. Now that we soon will be allowed to travel again, we plan some exciting excursions.

    Have a look at my other post on the stones of Ica, that is so fascinating.

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 06.2020 | 03:17 pm


HI Taetske, I have always found the topic of extraterestial life and UFO’s very fascinating, but have never explored or researched it. So I find this post very interesting. I think there are many things that governments hide from us, andit is quite possible that there is more evidence that is being kept from us.

We all know that scientists are on occassion told to stop certain research. It could be that they then go “underground”, who actually really knows. It is exciting stuff, but on the other hand scary. I do think there is other “life” out there.

Jun 06.2020 | 01:50 pm


    Good afternoon Line,

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Often when scientists come upon important information, it is swept under the carpet as it is not convenient to be published at that time. This happens often with medical findings. If Big Pharma cannot patent it they prefer it to be kept hidden even if it would help people.

    With UFOs it could very well be something similar. Imagine if those would bring some helpful knowledge but doing that the government could lose control. I’m convinced we know very little of what is going there is life out there,

    Regards, Taetske

    Jun 06.2020 | 02:47 pm

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