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The reason there are fewer insects


Some 80% of wild plants rely on insects for pollination; 60% of birds rely on insects as a food source. We normally think little about insects and if we do it, it is mainly to think they are a pest and bother us. But insects form such an important link in the chain of life. When they go missing the entire world will suffer.


Dragon fly

Dragon fly image Gerhard G.


Bees and Butterflies

I have written about the bees and their importance to our world. I have also mentioned butterflies, they also have a role in the Fauna and Flora of our earth. Bees and butterflies are diminishing, and now some more disturbing news has appeared. There is a new study which tells about the rapid decline of the total insect populations. It is a whopping 75% over 3 decades.

Have you ever visited a butterfly park? It is quite an experience to be in such close contact with these tender and beautiful insects. I visited a butterfly park in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in 1999. It was a breathtaking experience. Here, on the Costa del Sol, there is also a park that is well worth a visit.

You will have heard that the famous Monarch Butterfly is in decline, and again it is mainly our fault. Our thoughtless actions cause most of the problems.


Closeup of Bee

Closeup of Bee image skeeze


An important study in Germany

They published this study in a peer-reviewed journal PLOS One (published by the Public Library of Science). In Germany, there are many nature reserves and they conducted this study within these nature reserves.

If a decline of insects is identified in these protected areas, you can imagine that in unprotected areas, cities, or industrial areas the decline will probably be even much more.

The Radboud University conducted the study in the Netherlands, together with the Entomological Society Krefeld in Germany.



Grasshopper image Wikilmages


It was not so easy to do this study, and they took the total spectrum of insects into consideration. It is like insect hunting. Malaise traps are being used and then the total-known as biomass- is weighted. Like that, the researchers found a steady decline. When you think insects make up some 70% of all animal species, we underestimate their importance.

One does not realize the many jobs they do like pollinating the crops we eat. They function as pest control, so we need fewer pesticides. Even in waste control, it is the ants and cockroaches that take care of it in urban areas.


Do you love little critters?

The insect world holds many surprises and while reading this book you will be shocked, delighted, and everything in between. Have you heard of beetles that can spray a substance that is boiling hot? How about female moths who hold their mates for ransom?

This and many more exciting details are presented by the writer Thomas Eisner in his book For Love of Insects.

His travels to Uruguay, Australia, Panama, Europe, and North America discover a minute world unknown to us. Come and join this voyage. It will show you why we should respect nature in all its forms.



Amazing fact

As insects represent around 70% of all animals in the world, it is still astonishing when one reads there is an estimated 10 quintillion, that is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 individual insects living in our world. We know that in the US there are 91.000 known species living.


Ladybug on flower

Ladybug on flower image DerSilent


Another amazing fact

Do you know how many insects there are for each human? I suppose it is a tough question.
New figures show there are over 200 million. Recently there was an article published in the New York Times. It says there are some 300 pounds of insects for each pound of human flesh. My brain refuses to try to visualize this, but I know it is a lot!

Have a look at the following YouTube video. It explains the problem.




Our Planet is an amazing place. All living things play an important role, and if one group goes missing the entire system suffers. Fauna and Flora depend on each other, and it does not need humans to survive. We humans pose a danger to the survival of the environment.

We should think twice and hopefully conclude that we need nature, not the other way around.

Time has passed and more studies have become available. It does not look good at all. Here you can read an article from 2020 with more details.

I have made a special page for my visitors. It is a collection of useful things. Before you leave, have a look at Recommendations.


Source: CNN by Euan McKirby, and Smithsonian

Photo Source: Pixabay


Perhaps you would also like to read about the bees. If there are no more bees within 4 years, the human race will be extinct. Bees suffer because of pesticides. Because we take their habitat away and also because they die when exposed to radiation.

The Importance of Bees Part 2



The insect’s world is so vast an so amazing when you think of the number of insects that are in this world and how they outnumber the human race it is just so amazing.
If I get this right I was told many years ago by one of my teachers is that for every human being there is i billion insects . Your post is well detailed and has a lot of good and helpful information.

Dec 22.2017 | 01:46 pm


    Good afternoon Norman,

    Thank you for reading my post. I personally find it really worrying the big changes which are happening in our world. On top of it comes these changes are mainly caused by us humans. It seems many of the human race do not see the far reaching consequences of our deeds. Future generations will be put up with what we have done to our planet.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 22.2017 | 03:05 pm

James John

I think that the decline of insects isn’t being taken up seriously enough by many countries. As you say, insects are a vital part of the food chain, if not the first link of the whole process. Without these little creatures around, especially bees, the human race will end up either starving, or the cost of food will go through the roof.
I can’t see a human being going round pollinating flowers like a bee does. It’s crazy. These flying creatures are so important for us, and yet, it doesn’t seem like enough is being done to safeguard their lives.
I know it’s not a great deal, but we’ve planted flowers up on our roof, and most days, there’s usually a bee or two hovering around them, which makes me feel good. It’s something little from our end, but if everybody was to bother about little things like this, the positive effect would be tremendous.

Mar 14.2018 | 06:56 pm


    Good evening James,

    You are so right! If all people would do a little bit our world would look a lot different. Such a nice idea to have a roof garden where the bees feel at home. In one of my posts on bees I mentioned the fact that drones are being used for pollinating. That may sound like a clever idea but drones do not make honey. We would miss out on this healthy bee product. The more people are aware that we are responsable in big part for the world we live in and also the world our children and grandchildren will inherit the better.Thank you for visiting my website.

    Regards, Taetske

    Mar 14.2018 | 07:44 pm

      James John

      Good evening, Taetske.
      If all the people would do a little bit, our world would indeed look a lot different. It really doesn’t take so much of an effort, and at the same time, doing something worth the while, like getting pleasure from having a roof garden, will serve as a stress reliever and at the same time, will feed the hungry bees.
      Too true, drones might be used for pollinating, but I love honey, so give me bees any day as opposed to electronic equipment.
      I hope that the cries for awareness about such important situations concerning our world don’t end up falling on deaf ears, Taetske, for it would be not just a shame, but a tragedy for the generations yet to follow ours.

      Mar 15.2018 | 09:26 pm


        Good afternoon James,

        Here in the village we have a good place to buy natural honey. It is being harvest close by from the wildflowers growing on the hills/mountains.
        I also enjoy sitting in the garden and to observe the life of insects, it never gets boring to look at nature.
        Thank you for visiting again.

        Regards, Taetske

        Mar 16.2018 | 02:35 pm


Amazing article about the class ‘insecta’ I had not imagined that a time would come when the insects of the world would be on the verge of extinction or let me say it more contextually, I never knew there would come a time when there would be a diminishing amount of insects. It is really sad as these insects contribute immensely to the ecosystem. Take for instance; the microbial activities of the earthworm and it’s essence to soil fertility.

Feb 17.2019 | 07:54 pm


    Good Morning Oneal,

    Thank you for commenting on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    As I live on an organic farm there are a lot of insects, little creatures, and birds living here. The other day while getting wood we found a big hedgehog and 3 small ones having their winter sleep. We quickly covered them with leaves again. In the vegetable garden, we observe the earthworm which airs the soil. All living things have a role in Creation and we should live in harmony instead of destroying it.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 18.2019 | 07:22 am

Nicolette Gomez

Nice topic! I was actually hearing something about this on the radio not long ago. The insect population should mean more to us, humans. Do you suggest people grow more plants? I’d love to start a garden to help these tiny creatures. Could there be something done to help prevent the decline? Thank you for your knowledge!

Feb 17.2019 | 07:56 pm


    Good Morning Colette,

    Of course, it is always a good idea to plant flowers and bushes so insects have a place to live. One must take care to do it the organic way otherwise they cannot survive. Even if you do not have a garden you might do something on your balcony. All living things have a role and we should take care there is no imbalance.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    regards, Taetske

    Feb 18.2019 | 07:13 am


A lot of information and knowledge to gain in one article. Anytime I make research, it amazes me the beautiful things I discover about them. While some people hate them, the benefits of having them around are unknown to this set of people. Insects are lovely creatures to me. Nice article. Regards!

Feb 17.2019 | 07:58 pm


    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your comment on my website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF?

    Nice to hear you like insects, I do too. The other day while looking at the fig tree which has no leaves in the winter I saw a couple of nests hanging. These are from the praying manta. Many things can be observed in nature one just has to look.

    Regards, Taetske

    Feb 18.2019 | 07:08 am


I think you’re right, we should all be very concerned about the decline of the insect population on our planet. Obviously bees are the most important pollinators and that gives us our food supply but other insects play vital roles in other parts of our ecosystem. I’d be interested in seeing the links to the research studies you mention.

Dec 13.2019 | 07:05 am


    Good afternoon Lisa,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I did put the link to the new study so you can read that one. It is very scientific and a little tough but you might like it.

    It is very sad that in our world so many things are disappearing and as everything is related when something goes missing the balance is gone.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 13.2019 | 02:22 pm


The world of insects is a very beautiful one with so much to see and learn about them but it is very sad that they are going away and we are not doing anything about the situation.

I like the fact that you have explained in detail all about the way to look at the inspects. I hope to visit a butterfly garden too someday, I’m sure it will be a good experience.

Dec 13.2019 | 07:09 am


    Good afternoon Henderson,

    To visit a butterfly park is a very special experience I am sure you will enjoy.

    On my farm, I have the possibility to observe nature and I am always amazed at how pretty many insects are.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 13.2019 | 02:38 pm


Wow! Those statistics are really alarming. Is the decrease of insects due to humans killing them or does the alarming climate change danger is what’s killing them? I actually went to a butterfly park some years ago and it was absolutely amazing. They showed us some caterpillars that were just about to turn into butterflies and it was beautiful. Though, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen a butterfly in a really long time!

Dec 13.2019 | 07:12 am


    Good afternoon Stephanie,

    Thank you for your visit and for leaving a comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    I went “green” in 1981 and my farm is surrounded by avocado farms which are kept ·”green” as well. That is why this area is full of life. Small mammals and many different types of insects live here. I love to observe nature and watch the happenings in my garden.

    I have the 2 butterfly parks I visited as fond memories and will return someday for sure.

    Regards, Taetske

    Dec 13.2019 | 02:48 pm


Great article and reminder that even the smallest creatures are so important.  And are linked to us through such a beautiful and intricate eco web. Sadly, they are affected negatively by our inability to understand and live harmoniously together.  If there really is such a huge decline (and 70% is huge) then it does seem like we are headed down a dark path. 

When I read articles like this, it makes me think about making a commitment to a zero waste lifestyle.  It makes me think about buying land with others and building small earthships  … I helped with a beehive for a while and it brought me such peace to watch them come and go from the hive, I can’t even say what it was.  I think when you really connect with your natural being to other natural beings, your internal rhythms are calmed.  Insects truly are amazing.  Great article, thanks.

Oct 06.2020 | 06:35 am


    Good Morning Sebastian,

    On this website, I often write about environmental issues. Nature is dear to me. I live on an organic little farm in the south of Spain and love to observe the happenings on my property. Having a website has made me more conscious of the serious problems that exist in our world. Most of these problems are caused by us, or at least we contribute to them. 

    I invite you to look at the green widget in the sidebar. Save the planet. bUnited is a worldwide movement that might resonate with you.

    To connect with nature is so helpful. The modern and stressed human should reconnect with Mother Earth. Go out there and embrace a tree, it really helps.

    Thank you for your visit and for your comment. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

    Regards, Taetske

    Oct 06.2020 | 07:01 am

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